Grading MLB's division leaders

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Almost two months have already passed, and MLB's division races have been wilder than ever. Ever since the Wild Card round was implemented into the postseason, more teams feel like they can make the playoffs every year. The extended Wild Card has also given leeway to teams who don’t end up winning the division to make up for it by doing everything they can to earn one of the two Wild Card spots.

The good news is for these six division-leading teams is that they lead the division and would qualify for the postseason if it were to start tomorrow. Some of these clubs would be perfectly content with that, while others would hold their breath and bite their nails while hoping for a miracle. Thankfully, the season doesn’t end for another four months, meaning these teams have a long time to improve on what’s already been a successful start or a mediocre stretch early in the year. School may be out for the summer, but that stops no one from handing out a report card on overall performance.

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