MLB All-Star Game: 5 pitchers that could start for the National League

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(Photo Credit: Arturo Pardavila III)

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts will have a healthy bundle of pitchers to choose from to start the All-Star Game for the NL on July 17. The only problem is he won’t have anyone on his team to choose from, unlike AL manager AJ Hinch. Even though Roberts will have to pick a pitcher from another team in the NL, it’s nothing to fret about. The NL houses some of the best pitchers in the game, especially this season, which is why Roberts can’t go wrong with whoever he chooses.

It’s easy to say one pitcher will more than likely get the nod, even if a Dodgers pitcher was in the mix, but even then one can’t rule out the others behind this pitcher. It won't be an easy decision but either way, Roberts can't go wrong with these five arms. So, which five starting pitchers could Roberts slate into the starting role in less than three weeks? Let’s look.

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