MLB The Show 19: Best Base Stealers

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Stealing bases is something of a dying art. Rickey Henderson was the unparalleled master of the form, swiping 1,406 bases in his day, but there has been a slow decline of stolen bases across the league in recent years. In 2012 there were 3,229 stolen bases league-wide but in 2018 that was down to 2,417, a reduction of 25 percent. Some of this is down to analytics showing just how risky steal attempts can be, meaning managers are less likely to give the green light to all but the surest base-stealers.

How to choose the best base stealers in MLB The Show 19's Franchise Mode

This article will look at the best base stealers in MLB The Show 19's Franchise Mode. We are looking for MLB players with the highest stealing stat possible. Speed is also a vital part of their ability to successfully steal a base, while the baserunning aggressiveness stat will also show us how likely they are to try and stretch a single into a double or go first-to-third on a single. Quality running on the basepaths can create runs and distract pitchers. Who are the best base stealers The Show 19 has to offer?

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Billy Hamilton, Kansas City Royals (OVR 83)

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Age: 28

Position: CF

Throws/Bats: R/S

Secondary Position: LF, RF

Hitter Tendency: Whole Field

Best Stats: Stealing (99), Baserunning Aggressiveness (99), Reaction (98), Speed (97), Durability (94), Arm Strength (87), Arm Accuracy (87)

Billy Hamilton was a second-round pick for the Cincinnati Reds in 2009 and got his MLB debut with them in 2013, stealing 13 bases in 13 games. In 2014 he became the regular center fielder for the Reds and got his first of four-straight 55+ steal seasons despite just a .292 on-base. Hamilton joined the Kansas City Royals for the 2019 season, leaving Cincinnati after stealing 277 bases in 690 games.

In The Show 19 Hamilton is an electrifying stealer. His steal stat (99) and his baserunning aggressiveness (99) are elite, and his speed (97) is remarkable too. That speed aids his reaction (98) and his fielding (79). He has a good arm in the outfield (arm strength 87, arm accuracy 87). At the plate Hamilton is not very good, with contact vs righties (64) his best stat by far.

Rajai Davis, New York Mets (OVR 72)

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Age: 38

Position: CF

Throws/Bats: R/R

Secondary Position: LF, RF

Hitter Tendency: Whole Field

Best Stats: Stealing (99), Baserunning Aggressiveness (99), Speed (84)

Rajai Davis was a 38th round pick for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2001. He got his MLB debut with the Pirates in 2006. In 2007 he was traded to the San Francisco Giants and in 2008 was moved to the Oakland Athletics. There he became a regular outfield and began stealing bases for fun. He would continue to have impressive base stealing production in further stops in Toronto, Detroit, and Cleveland. He enters the 2019 season with 415 steals to his name, the most by any active player in baseball.

In The Show 19 Davis' only strength is his base stealing (99). His baserunning aggressiveness (99) is also superb. His advanced age has sapped his speed (84) somewhat but he can still get it done.

Trea Turner, Washington Nationals (OVR 88)

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Age: 25

Position: SS

Throws/Bats: R/R

Secondary Position: 2B, 3B, CF

Hitter Tendency: Whole Field

Best Stats: Baserunning Aggressiveness (99), Durability (99), Stealing (97), Speed (97), Clutch (88), Contact vs R (81)

Trea Turner was a first-round pick in 2014 for the San Diego Padres and was traded to the Washington Nationals in December 2014. He got his MLB debut with the Nationals in 2015 playing 27 games and hitting .225 with two steals. He made his mark in 2016, playing 73 games with 33 stolen bases and a .342 average. In 2017 he swiped 46 bases and stole another 43 in 2018.

In The Show 19 Turner has terrific base stealing (97) ability. He also has amazing speed (97) and is very aggressive on the basepaths (99). At the plate he has good contact skills (81/76) and is solid in the clutch (88). He's also got elite durability (99). However, Davis has no ability at the plate, with his contact vs righties (56) being his best.

Terrance Gore, Kansas City Royals (OVR 52)

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Age: 27

Position: LF

Throws/Bats: R/R

Secondary Position: CF, RF

Hitter Tendency: Whole Field

Best Stats: Speed (95), Baserunning Aggressiveness (95), Stealing (94), Bunt (86)

Terrance Gore was a 20th round pick for the Kansas City Royals in 2011 and got his MLB debut in 2014. Gore has been used primarily as a pinch-runner for the Royals, stealing 31 bases in his time with them while having just 32 plate appearances.

In The Show 19 gore is a master base-stealer, with the speed (95) and baserunning aggressiveness (95) to make him a terror to pitchers. His stealing (94) is very strong. At the plate gore can bunt well (86) but that is about all, and he isn't particularly strong in the field either. 

Dee Gordon, Seattle Mariners (OVR 79)

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Age: 30

Position: 2B

Throws/Bats: R/L

Secondary Position: SS, LF, CF, RF

Hitter Tendency: Whole Field


Best Stats: Baserunning Aggressiveness (99), Bunt (93), Drag Bunt (93), Stealing (93), Durability (86), Speed (85)

Dee Gordon was a fourth-round pick for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2008. He got his MLB debut with them in 2011 and soon became a piece of their everyday plans moving between shortstop and second base. Gordon's speed was immediately recognized as a threat and in 2014 he played 148 games for the Dodgers and stole 64 bases. He swiped 58 the next year for the Miami Marlins and another 60 in 2017. In 2018 he moved up to Seattle and continued to be a menace to pitchers and catchers.

In The Show 19 Gordon's speed (85) is not what it used to be but his aggressiveness on the bases (99) and ability to steal a base (95) is. At the plate he is a bunting master (93/93) and has good contact skills too (79/72).

All the best base stealers in MLB The Show 19

Player Stealing OVR Age Position Club Speed Baserunning Aggressiveness
Billy Hamilton998328CFKansas City Royals9799
Rajai Davis997238CFNew York Mets8499
Trea Turner978825SSWashington Nationals9799
Terrance Gore945227LFKansas City Royals9595
Dee Gordon9279302BSeattle Mariners8599
Jonathan Villar9184272BBaltimore Orioles8589
Byron Buxton897725CFMinnesota Twins9975
Keon Broxton877928CFNew York Mets8976
Adalberto Mondesi868123SSKansas City Royals9489
Starling Marte848630CFPittsburgh Pirates8197
Mike Trout759927CFLos Angeles Angels8370
Jose Ramirez6893263BCleveland Indians7670
Delino DeShields Jr667826CFTexas Rangers9581
Christian Yelich639027RFMilwaukee Brewers7555
Eduardo Nunez6273313BBoston Red Sox5680
Hernan Perez6278282BMilwaukee Brewers6485
Cameron Maybin627431CFSan Francisco Giants7380
Andrew Benintendi608624LFBoston Red Sox6153
Kevin Newman5971252BPittsburgh Pirates7957
Garrett Hampson5875242BColorado Rockies9552
Xander Bogaerts578326SSBoston Red Sox6152
Whit Merrifield5788302BKansas City Royals7960
Tyler Wade5666242BNew York Yankees7648
Jose Peraza557824SSCincinnati Reds7666
Andrew Stevenson545624LFWashington Nationals7852

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