MLB The Show 20: Diamond Diamond Prospects Choice Pack Set 3 - Release date, pack contents, cost & more

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Diamond Dynasty has a very active schedule of new packs to shake up the game. There are the Prospects packs that sell for 30,000 stubs, Jump Start packs that sell for 15,000 stubs, and Headliners packs that sell for 7,500. Each pack offers different things, so it's important to know what you're getting into before you purchase.

Let's go over the next pack set to release, the Prospects Choice Pack 3, and what we know so far.

Prospects set

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Prospects Set 2 includes Jesus Luzardo as the star

Prospects packs offer strong players that can slot right into even the strongest Diamond Dynasty lineups, but it comes at a cost. They are the most expensive packs on the market at 30,000 stubs. If you can afford the price tag, though, you're guaranteed a pick from 7 quality players.

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When you open Prospects Choice packs you pull a tier of players, then choose one from that tier.

The odds for the Prospects Choice packs are 1:1 to pull an 86 or better Diamond player, 1:3 to pull an 87 or better Diamond, and 1:10 to pull an 89 or better Diamond. This means you're guaranteed at least a Base tier 86 overall Diamond for your team, and you get the opportunity to choose a stronger Rare or Mid tier player that really earn your return on investment if you manage to pull them.

The Prospects Choice options cover a range of positions and styles so you're likely to find an upgrade somewhere.

Release schedule

The wait is almost over, Prospects Set 3 will release on Friday, March 27th, alongside Headliners Set 5.

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While release day is always big for the Diamond Dynasty marketplace, packs from two different sets on the same day will bring a lot of excitement. After all, it will be a minimum of 8 new Diamond players all cracked at once.

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Jesus Luzardo was the best pull from Prospects Set 2

There will be plenty of room to make a big profit if you're fast and willing to take the risk.

Potential Prospects

The Prospects sets always cover young up-and-coming players in the league today, unlike other sets focusing on legends of the game. This means there's a little more room to guess at potential inclusions, especially with 7 players to come.

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The easiest prediction is Wander Franco, but he may end up as the final collection reward for players dedicated enough to fill it out.

Previous Prospects

The last Prospects set, Prospects Set 2, included 90 OVR starting pitcher Jesus Luzardo and 89 OVR shortstop Royce Lewis as Rare tier options, 87 OVR starting pitcher Michael Kopech and 87 OVR center fielder Cristian Pache as Mid tier options, and 86 OVR right fielder Julio Rodriguez, 86 OVR starting pitcher Matt Manning, and 86 OVR second baseman Nick Madrigal as Base tier options.

This lineup favored pitchers, but that isn't always the case with the Prospects series.

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