MLB The Show 20 trailer: Gameplay upgrades, new fielding mechanics, RTTS, Diamond Dynasty, legends, rivals, & more from the first gameplay trailer

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We are just a few weeks away from the release of MLB The Show 20, and now we have our first glimpse at the gameplay as the trailer has officially been released.

San Diego Studio released the first trailer worldwide and along with it the developer stream schedule.

The trailer is filled with glimpses of updates and teases of new features. We cannot be more excited for MLB The Show 20, so here is everything you need to know about the trailer.


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COVER STAR: Baez gets a lot of screen time in the new trailer

It seemed the majority of the trailer was
spent focusing on fielding aspects of the game. Does that mean an overhaul of

It’s not quite clear, but the footage we
did see of the actual fielding mechanics showed fielders mishandling fly balls
as well as making spectacular plays.

Most notably it seemed to be on plays when a diving catch would be required, and showed a new marker and guide that times a button press with a successful dive for the ball.

That is a great feature as making diving plays has been tough in previous iterations of the game but is always a sure highlight-reel moment of any game.

NOW WATCH BELOW: The official trailer for MLB The Show 20

Road To The Show

We got several glimpses of RTTS gameplay, some batting and some fielding, where it seems there is more interaction/use with personality types and relationships.

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When batting, dynamic challenges include
personality types that will presumably increase or decrease with success or
failure in that challenge.

When fielding, in turning a double play the
hands-shaking symbol pops up above your teammates head. Perhaps having close
bonds with teammates assists in turning quicker double plays?


david ortiz mlb the show 20
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LEGEND: Big Papi returns in MLB The Show 20

Last year in the initial trailer we had the tease of legends. Well, this year is the 15th Anniversary of MLB The Show, and they went even further with the legends teases. Did you spot them all?

We catch a glimpse of Ken Griffey Jr.,
David ‘Big Papi’ Ortiz, Mariano Rivera, John Franco, Shane Victorino and Gary
Sheffield throughout the trailer.


juan soto ball take mlb the show 20
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SWAG: Soto's signature ball take pose has been included

There were a ton of other little features
that we got to see for the first time.

Among them was a look at some of the new abilities and three tiers to each of those abilities. For each ability the three tiers bring small boosts, substantial boosts and boosts to elite level for various scenarios. Hitting when you’re ahead in the count, for example.

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We also got to admire a few of the new Nike
uniforms. Not all of them, but the Brewers blue alternate for example looked

There was also a tease at new game modes,
shown by small emblems in blue and orange. One of which was called Showdown.


Finally, Angels fans could admire Anthony Rendon in their red alternates, and Phillies fans got to take a look at Didi Gregorius sliding into second base repping their powder blues.

MLB The Show 20 Developer Livestream

mlb the show 20 gameplay developer livestream schedule
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The final aspect of the trailer release, that wasn’t in the actual trailer, was access to the schedule for all the upcoming livestreams which will tell us all about the new features in MLB The Show 20.

For example, the first will be on January 29 where they look back at the trailer and breakdown everything that we saw, and the last one will come in March 11 when we’ll see the developer tournament.

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All of the livestreams can be found on TwitchYouTube and Facebook Live, and will start at 3pm PT unless otherwise stated.  

Did you catch anything we missed?

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