MLB The Show 21 Pre Order Rewards, Packs Missing

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MLB The Show 21 is available now with Early Access!

If you have Early Access you likely have also scored some major pre order rewards, such as the Diamond Choice Packs.

Here's everything we know about what's going on with pre order rewards in MLB The Show 21 as Early Access gets rolling.

Latest - Sony San Diego responds to MLB The Show 21 marketplace issues

On top of the pre order issue, there have been problems with the way the Online Marketplace has worked at launch within Diamond Dynasty.

As seen above, MLB The Show 21 servers were taken offline so that the issue could be resolved, and they've also instructed players to reach out at if issues are still being encountered.

How to Redeem Pre Order Rewards in MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 Early Access has begun, and that should mean players can head to Diamond Dynasty to Open Packs and reap their Pre Order Rewards.

MLB The Show 21 Pre Order Rewards Missing
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WHERE IS IT: Pre Order Rewards are missing for many players

If you're having trouble locating that section, head to Inventory within Diamond Dynasty and then My Packs.

Unfortunately, that's not what's happening. Dozens of players are posting that their Pre Order Packs, Diamond Choice Packs included, aren't appearing at all.

The issue seems to be affecting multiple systems and versions, and the Pre Order Rewards aren't activating for many players.

When will Pre Order rewards show up in MLB The Show 21?

It's not yet known exactly when pre order rewards that are missing will be resolved in MLB The Show 21, but Sony San Diego is aware of the issue.

After submitting a ticket to MLB The Show 21 support for an account issue about missing items, the following response was received.


Thank you for the email. Due to the volume of players attempting to obtain entitlements from the show shop some community members are experiencing a slight delay in receiving their preorder rewards. Your items should appear momentarily. Please let us know if you continue having issues with this. We regret any inconvenience.

Thank you.

The Show Support"

The good news is The Show Support is aware of the problem and it should be resolving itself, but sadly it looks like they underestimated the server load coming from everyone who would use Early Access.


Hopefully your rewards will arrive soon in Diamond Dynasty, and if not you can head here to submit a ticket of your own and are advised to select Account Issue as the type of ticket you're submitting.

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