MLB The Show 21: Roster Update Predictions with new Diamonds

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MLB The Show 21 is gearing up to deliver another of their frequent roster updates, though things have slowed down a bit from the previous bi-weekly frequency.

We've still got plenty of big moves that could be on the way, and here are some of the players we think are set to go Diamond in the next MLB The Show 21 Roster Update.

MLB The Show 21 Roster Update

During the early period after MLB The Show 21 was released, things stayed fairly regular with a bi-weekly roster update every two weeks like clockwork.

However, things have stretched out a bit since then with it often being a three week wait for the next roster update, which is what we have this time.

As of now, the next roster update is scheduled for Friday, September 17, 2021 and should go live at approximately Noon PT (2pm CT/3pm ET).

For clarity, these attribute adjustments are specific to Diamond Dynasty and will only alter Live Series cards.

New Diamonds Predictions

If you're looking to make some Stubs with this roster update, there's still time to invest in a few names in hope they see a jump to Diamond status.

We've picked out four players once again who seem most likely to go Diamond, but none of these is guaranteed.

Robbie Ray, Currently 84 OVR, Toronto Blue Jays

The most likely player to make the leap to Diamond with this roster update has got to be Robbie Ray, who has been on fire as of late and snagged the August Monthly Awards Lightning Card just recently.

He's managed a 1.91 ERA over his last 7 games with 74 strikeouts across 47 innings pitched, further solidifying him as deserving of Diamond tier.

Kyle Tucker, Currently 84 OVR, Houston Astros

We've seen Kyle Tucker flirting with Diamond in the past, and it might finally be time as he's really hit a groove as of late.

MLB The Show 21 roster update kyle tucker
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DIAMOND DAB: You can't act like that's not what this looks like

Tucker has a .435 average and .870 slugging over his last seven games, which included two home runs and 5 RBIs.

Tyler O'Neill, Currently 84 OVR, St. Louis Cardinals

Tyler O'Neill has been pretty consistent throughout the year with 26 home runs on the season so far, and he's also been poised to go Diamond for some time.

With 6 RBIs and two home runs in his last seven games, which jumps to 5 home runs and 11 RBIs in his last 15 games, it could finally be O'Neill's time.


Bo Bichette, Currently 83 OVR, Toronto Blue Jays

Maybe the name we've seen flirting with Diamond here the longest, and still a bit of a long shot with a needed two point jump to go Diamond, Bichette stays in the conversation this time.

He's nailed 3 home runs and 9 RBIs in his last seven games, with a .704 slugging, which could be enough with his current 25 home run season to push him into Diamond status.

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