23 Sep 2021 8:28 PM +00:00

MLB The Show 21: 99 OVR Tony Gwynn revealed, Double XP almost over

MLB The Show 21 is gearing up to launch the 7th Inning Program in Diamond Dynasty, and the build has finally revealed 99 OVR Tony Gwynn.

We've got full details on the Tony Gwynn reveal and when Double XP Week comes to an end so you can get the most out of the event before it leaves MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21: Tony Gwynn revealed as 7th Inning Boss


With the 7th Inning Program due to launch tomorrow, we saw a teaser yesterday about one of the three 7th Inning Bosses.

The ratings bars shown and three key facts led to heavy speculation that it would be Tony Gwynn, and that prediction turned out correct.

You can see the reveal below as we get a first look at the 99 OVR Signature Series Tony Gwynn coming to MLB The Show 21!

We weren't given exact stats yet, which are expected to be revealed during the MLB The Show 21 Content Stream shortly before the 7th Inning Program goes live.

However, a 99 OVR Signature Series version was in MLB The Show 19, and you can see the stats below that he had at that time:

MLB The Show 21 tony gwynn
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ALL CONTACT: If you can't hit the ball, Gwynn is here to help

We should get full stats during the Content Stream, or when the bosses go live with the launch of the 7th Inning Program, but these match up similarly to the ratings bar levels teased prior to the Gwynn reveal.

Double XP Week is almost over in Diamond Dynasty


If the arrival of the 7th Inning Program is news to you, it may be because you haven't been too focused on finishing up the 6th Inning Program before time runs out.

Time is almost out, but Double XP Week is still rolling in MLB The Show 21, and that'll be a big boost if you're looking to finish up the program.

Double XP isn't set to expire until tomorrow, September 24, 2021, at around 11am PT.

That's just one hour before the 7th Inning Program is expected to go live, so this is your final chance to make some progress in the 6th Inning Program and try to snag a few more rewards.