MLB The Show 22: Big Dog Program Rewards, How to Unlock All-Star Tony Perez

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MLB The Show 22 is constantly adding new content for players to work through, and the latest arrival will be the Big Dog Program.

Here's everything we know so far about the Big Dog Program in MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty and which top prize you'll be working towards.

MLB The Show 22 adds All-Star Tony Perez in Big Dog Program


With several key drops arriving today, one exciting one is being revealed in the form of the new Big Dog Program in Diamond Dynasty.

This will serve as an Other Program separate from the Featured Program, and players will be able to work through tasks to earn a combination of packs and even a new player.

Big Dog Packs have been a staple of Diamond Dynasty this year with tons of top notch cards included in each set, and this new program offers one of each set currently available.

The Big Dog Program went live in MLB The Show 22 on Friday, May 13, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

MLB The Show 22 Big Dog Program
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BIG PRIZES: These Big Dog Packs may be even more valuable than Perez

Players will have tons of options as they work through the program, but the top prize remains this new All-Star Tony Perez.


Working from his strengths in the league, this new card excels primarily at hitting with 90+ ratings in Contact vs both Lefties and Righties as well as 95 in Power vs Righties.

He's also got solid Discipline and Clutch, and decent Power vs Lefties, but keep in mind his Fielding isn't that spectacular.

All Big Dog Program Rewards

Now that the new Big Dog Program is live in Diamond Dynasty, we've learned about all the rewards that'll come with it.

There are a series of Moments and Missions paired with a new Big Dog Showdown, and that last one is required to complete the program.

There are 50 Points available from the Moments, 20 Points from the Big Dog Showdown, and 34 Points available from Parallel XP Missions with Big Dog players.

That leaves very little wiggle room, so players will at most be able to skip one of the 3 or 4 Point Moments while still completing this program.

Here are all the rewards available in the Big Dog Program:

  • 10 Points: 500 Stubs
  • 20 Points: The Show Pack
  • 30 Points: 500 Stubs
  • 40 Points: Ballin' is a Habit Pack
  • 50 Points: Big Dog Set 1 Choice Pack
  • 55 Points: 3x The Show Packs
  • 60 Points: Ballin' is a Habit Pack
  • 65 Points: Headliners Set 10 Pack
  • 70 Points: Big Dog Set 2 Choice Pack
  • 75 Points: 1000 Stubs
  • 80 Points: Headliners Set 11 Pack
  • 85 Points: Big Dog Set 3 Choice Pack
  • 90 Points: 5x The Show Packs
  • 95 Points: Headliners Set 12 Pack
  • 97 Points: Hot Dog Universal Profile Icon
  • 100 Points: All-Star Tony Perez (88 OVR)

Make sure to check your collections as you're working through this, including the ones that can give you XP for the Spring Cleanup Featured Program.