MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere: All Commentary Teams to be revealed

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MLB The Show 22 is less than a month away from launch, and that means we're finally learning about some of this year's new features.

The next Feature Premiere is almost here, and the spotlight turns to Commentary and Presentation which are getting some massive improvements in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22: Commentary teams to be revealed in next Feature Premiere

MLB The Show 22 is continuing to deliver a Feature Premiere each week in the buildup towards launch as we learn more about this year's game.

The first few focused on aspects like the new Online Co-Op feature, the debut on Nintendo Switch, and then core gameplay updates.

They've fallen into a rhythm of teasing the additions a few days early, as a new video featuring Coach arrived to reveal the new core commentary team for MLB The Show 22.

However, this should be just one piece of the puzzle with potential changes to regional teams, stadium announcers, and overall presentation possible this year.

How to watch the MLB The Show 22 Feature Premiere

If you're hoping to watch the reveal live and hear the new MLB The Show 22 commentary as soon as possible, you'll want to tune in as the Feature Premiere airs.

As of now, this MLB The Show 22 stream is set to begin at 3pm PT (6pm ET/5pm CT) on Thursday, March 9, 2022.

However, it's worth noting that last week's Feature Premiere was delayed and then had some major technical difficulties in getting things rolling.

MLB The Show 22
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SCHEDULED START: If nothing gets in the way, this is when things should kick off

These reveals tend to last about half an hour or more, but the one focused on Gameplay Updates was delayed to a 4pm PT start earlier in the day and then took nearly half an hour to start playing without audio and visual problems.

Hopefully things will go according to plan this time, but gamers should be able to watch live on the Sony San Diego YouTube or on Twitch. Once the broadcast has concluded, it should be available as a standalone video to watch on YouTube.

After this week's stream, that will leave just three more Feature Premiere reveals as they shift to some of the many MLB The Show 22 game modes ahead of launch.

The following three are still on the schedule:

  • March 17: March to October
  • March 24: Road to the Show and Ballplayer
  • March 31: Diamond Dynasty, Live Content, and eSports

All of these should also be set for 3pm PT as a start time, but that could change between now and then.

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