MLB The Show 22: Headliners Set 15 pack delivers 94 OVR Ralph Kiner

MLB The Show 22 has more Headliners Set cards coming to Diamond Dynasty. This time, the Headliners Set 15 will deliver a 94 OVR Ralph Kiner.

This Pittsburgh Pirates legend is sure to improve your lineup, but how much will it cost to get him? More importantly, we'll hope to look at his ratings soon.

Let's take a look at the release date and how much the packs cost.

MLB The Show 22 Headliners Set 15

Revealed on Thursday, May 19, the Headliners Set 15 will hit Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 22 on Friday, May 20.

These packs always have a featured card, for the Headliners Set 14 packs, Bruce Sutter 94 OVR was the featured item. This time it's the 94 OVR Ralph Kiner.

MLB The Show 22 Headliners Set 15
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PITTSBURGH LEGEND: You won't want to miss out on this Pirates legend

Here are the prices for each of the Headliners Set 15 Packs:

  • MLB The Show Headliners Set 15 Single Pack - 7,500 Stubs
  • MLB The Show Headliners Set 15 Choice Pack - 25,000 Stubs

The Single Packs contain one Silver or better player item, two other players and one assorted item.

The MLB The Show 22 Headliners Set 15 Choice Pack will give you the choice to pick one Gold or better player item with a highly increased chance to find the featured Headliners player. You'll receive a guaranteed Headliners uniform item as well.

The latest reveal from MLB the Show 22 is the new Featured Program. The Hidden Legend Boss is expected to be Roy Halladay.

With the new Featured Program arriving soon, players are wondering what some of these cryptic tweets could mean.

MLB The Show 22 Headliners
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POTENTIAL LEGEND: Could Halladay be the reward this time?

The content stream will be available on Twitch and YouTube at 11:30am PT on Friday, May 20, 2022, but you can also watch right here.

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