MLB The Show 22: How to unlock Lightning Yordan Alvarez in the June Monthly Awards program

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MLB The Show 22 continues to highlight the league's top players in Diamond Dynasty, and the final June Monthly Awards release has arrived.

We've got details on how to unlock the epic Lightning Yordan Alvarez card that just hit MLB The Show 22 in this program.

MLB The Show 22: Lightning Yordan Alvarez has arrived

After a long month of action, MLB The Show 22 has finally released the final June Monthly Awards players to complete this ongoing program.

While initially unveiled earlier in the month, the program had only a few Topps Now players which grew on a weekly basis, but everyone knew the Lightning Player was coming.

As they'd done with the April Monthly Awards and May Monthly Awards programs, Sony San Diego released the Topps Now players on a weekly basis to allow players to progress in the program ahead of the final Lightning release.

Through the full month of June 2022, Houston Astros left fielder Yordan Alvarez has been absolutely on fire as he led the entire MLB in batting average (.418), RBIs (28), wOBA (.553), and WAR (2.1).

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MLB The Show 22 June Monthly Awards Yordan Alvarez
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AIR YORDAN: There was no denying Alvarez at the plate in June 2022

This is reflected in the stats for this new 97 OVR card, as he's boasting a perfect 125 power vs. righties and 115 contact vs. righties.

Not one to have many batting weaknesses in June, Alvarez also has a 101 contact vs. lefties and 92 power vs. lefties with 112 in batting clutch, 95 in discipline, and 78 in visibility to round things out.

He's also got right field as a secondary position, so this new Lightning Yordan Alvarez is a must for every Diamond Dynasty squad.

How to Unlock Lightning Yordan Alvarez in June Monthly Awards

If you want to slot this new Lightning Monthly Awards Yordan Alvarez card into your lineup, it'll take a good bit of work, but first off make sure you are not selling any of the Topps Now cards you unlock in this process.

The first step will be the Topps Now Moments in the program across all four weeks, and there are 26 Moments you'll need to complete.

They've kept the program relatively tight, so you won't be able to skip any, but feel free to jump around between weeks or focus on hitting or pitching first if that helps.

Once all the Topps Now Moments have been completed, finish the collection in Stage 1 and you'll gain access to Stage 2 of the program.

In Stage 2 of the June Monthly Awards program, you'll want to first tackle the new Moments which will allow you to unlock your first June Monthly Awards players.

Once you've done that, head to your squad and build a lineup with as many Topps Now players as possible, and substitute in June Monthly Awards players once you've unlocked them.

In order to reach Lightning Yordan Alvarez, you'll have to work through several of the Monthly Awards PXP Missions.

The method of doing this could work best online if your skill level is high enough, but the easiest way is to simply use Play vs. CPU against the Baltimore Orioles.

Power through games on Rookie, and check back when you've completed Missions and unlocked more Monthly Awards players to see what is needed next.

The speed at which you can complete this will depend on your own in-game skill, but players should all be able to work through these challenges to unlock Lightning Yordan Alvarez.

Once you have that top prize, the program does continue with additional challenges to snag more Monthly Awards players, but finishing the program is not required for Alvarez.


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