MLB The Show 22: Lou Gehrig Day program to bring new Diamond rewards

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MLB The Show 22 continues to honor the past, and the Lou Gehrig Day program will be another way to pay homage in Diamond Dynasty.

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming Lou Gehrig Day program and the MLB The Show 22 rewards it could bring.

MLB The Show 22: Lou Gehrig Day program on the way

After kicking things off earlier this year with their Jackie Robinson Day content, it's almost time to celebrate another legend.

While Jackie Robinson Day fell much closer to launch, this early June arrival is sure to bring even more powerful cards to the game.

Now we're just a few short days out from a newly created annual MLB tradition as June 2, 2022 will be the second time the league honors Lou Gehrig.

While there are other arrivals set for the following day, the Lou Gehrig Day program is set to hit MLB The Show 22 on June 2, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

With the timing of this release not being tied to a particular program, we don't expect it will expire and should be available long-term for all players.

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Diamond player rewards will be up for grabs

While we don't have many details yet on the Lou Gehrig Day program in Diamond Dynasty, there are sure to be some enticing rewards.

The current MLB The Show 22 schedule in Diamond Dynasty confirms the arrival of this program will including "two Diamond player rewards."

We can reasonably assume at least one of those will be Lou Gehrig himself, hopefully at a 93 OVR or higher, but the other is less clear.

MLB The Show 22 Lou Gehrig Day
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ROUND THE BASES: Get ready to score with the new Gehrig in your lineup

The most likely ways for them to go with a second reward is by highlighting another classic player from Gehrig's era, either a rival or a teammate, or they could instead turn the spotlight to a current member of the Yankees.

In a league today that often sees even major players bounce between clubs, Lou Gehrig appears like an outlier for having spent his entire 17-year MLB career with the New York Yankees.

The schedule also confirmed Moments would be a part of the program, and we expect that'll pair with Parallel XP missions either tied to a card in this program or a group like Yankees players.


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