MLB The Show 22: Moonshot Weekend 3 reveals powerful rookie reward

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MLB The Show 22 continues to bring new content to Diamond Dynasty, and we're once again seeing the return of Moonshot.

The new Moonshot Weekend 3 event has been confirmed, and we've got details on when it arrives in MLB The Show 22 and the rookie reward.

MLB The Show 22: Moonshot Weekend 3 End Date & Rules

With the Future of the Franchise program rolling strong in Diamond Dynasty, MLB The Show 22 is ready for a familiar favorite event to return.

Moonshot Weekend 3 is set to arrive in Diamond Dynasty at Noon PT on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

We expect them to use the same timing as previous Moonshot Weekend events, and as a result the end date will likely be Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 11am PT.

This will give players an extended weekend's worth of five full days to work on the Moonshot Weekend 3 event, and that allows you to rack up as many wins as possible.

We're still waiting for the event to go live for confirmation on the rules, but expect it to be very restrictive towards pitchers with lax qualifications for hitters.

This year's original Moonshot Weekend required Common Pitchers while the sequel went with Bronze, and we could see an upgrade to Silver this time or another separate requirement.

Moonshot Weekend 3 Reward Revealed

While the full reward track won't be known until the event goes live in Diamond Dynasty, players can star getting excited now about the top prize.

It's already been announced that young Cincinnati Reds star Aristides Aquino will be available in the program, and it's a powerful 94 OVR Rookie version of him.

The full attributes haven't been revealed yet, but Sony San Diego did tease high power ratings when they first hinted at this Moonshot Weekend 3 reward.

MLB The Show 22 Moonshot Weekend 3 Event Aquino
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We know it'll be based on his rookie year, 2019, and that was definitely a hard-hitting time for Aquino who put up the best hitting stats of his career.

Aquino finished the year with 225 plate appearances that totaled 19 home runs and 47 RBIs for a .576 slugging, .891 OPS, and .259 batting average.

Hopefully this will mean 100+ ratings in Power vs Lefties and Power vs Righties, but we'll have to wait for the card itself to know for sure.


There will likely be packs and other rewards included in the reward track, and racking up wins in Moonshot Weekend 3 will be the way to unlock them.

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