MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch Feature Reveal Stream COUNTDOWN

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The release of MLB The Show 22 gets closer every day, and the series will make a massive debut on the Nintendo Switch this year.

Along the way, Sony San Diego is taking the time to reveal new MLB The Show 22 features as we get closer to launch day, and this week will be revealing what's coming to MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch!

Now less than an hour out, here's all the latest news around the MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch feature reveals.

LATEST: MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch Livestream Begins in 10 Minutes!

Excited Nintendo Switch players should be really pumped about the reveal for the MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch version and what features we'll see on the Switch come launch.

MLB The Show Nintendo Switch Reveal


On February 24th, 2022, we'll receive an in-depth look at what exactly we can expect in terms of game modes and features for the Nintendo Switch. The premiere will air on Twitch at 3 PM PST. You can find that Twitch stream below:

This is going to be a huge reveal and it'll take place on YouTube as well, giving you multiple chances to watch. We'll also have a full breakdown for you right here as things are revealed.

Before it starts, let's talk about a few of the things we expect to learn about the MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch version.

Game Modes and Features Revealed

Obviously, the thing we're most excited about is checking out which game modes and features will be available. The Nintendo Switch is great, but the quality of the game could be hindered by the platform.

Still, we think that the MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch version will be a strong edition of the game, especially for the players that are anxious for its reveal.

MLB The Show 22 Nintendo Switch
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Something that we're all wondering is if the Online Co-Op game mode will be available on Switch as well. We were able to play a little of the game mode during the Technical Test.

For now, we'll just have to wait until tomorrow for a full reveal of all the features on the way to MLB The Show 22 on Nintendo Switch.

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