MLB The Show 22 Price: Latest News, Pre Orders, Expected Cost & Legends revealed

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The release of MLB The Show 22 is just around the corner and players want to know "What is the MLB The Show 22 price?". Well, we've got the answer here.

Along with that, we've got the release date, MLB The Show 22 pre orders, and some of the Legends that have been revealed so far.

Let's answer the question of what's the price of MLB The Show 22.

Latest - More Legends coming tomorrow

With the release date shortly around the corner, we're getting more Legends added and a new one will be revealed on Thursday, March 17.

So far, we've had quite a few of these Legends revealed, including Randy Johnson and Kirk Gibson. We have a few predictions on who could be the next Legend.

MLB The Show 22 Price
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LEGENDS COUNTDOWN: Who could be the next Legend in MLB The Show 22

Here are all the new Legends (so far) that will be in MLB The Show 22:

  • Randy Johnson (New Legend)
  • Ryan Howard (New Legend)
  • Kirk Gibson (New Legend)

For more on the Legends in the game, follow this list to see the current roster.

MLB The Show 22 Price

The official release date for MLB The Show 22 is April 5th, 2022, which puts us under a month away from the launch.

Now that we're nearing the release window, the next question we need to answer is what is the MLB The Show 22 price is. We can use former games to get an idea of the price.

MLB The Show 22 price cover athlete
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POTENTIAL COVER STARS: Shohei Ohtani could the next cover star for MLB The Show 22

The prices for MLB The Show 21 were $69.99 on pretty much every platform, so we expect it to be the same for MLB The Show 22. The prices could change for next gen consoles.

Once the MLB The Show 22 pre orders are available, we'll have the pre order links below to each MLB The Show 22 Edition.

MLB The Show 22 Reveal Trailer

The first thing that we'll know before the MLB The Show 22 price, is the reveal trailer. We could even get a potential look at the cover athlete.

Hopefully, we might actually get a glimpse of some gameplay in our first reveal trailer. They could even go over some of the new features on next gen consoles.

There is a ton of news that'll be revealed as we near the release date of MLB The Show. We'll also likely find out the other editions available, depending on the MLB The Show 22 price.

Questions about the MLB The Show 22 delay

There were questions surrounding a potential delay surrounding MLB The Show 22. However, it looks like the lockout won't affect the release date of the game.


A new report by ABC News stated: "Notably, the MLB The Show video game has a licensing deal for player name, image and likeness rights that exists outside the CBA, so its spring release won't be affected, the league said."

MLB The Show 22 price
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NO DELAYS: Don't worry about any MLB The Show 22 delays

We also know that the MLB The Show price won't be affected by the lockout either. By mid-April, you'll be playing MLB The Show 22 and we'll detail the editions very soon.

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