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MLB The Show 22 Release Date: Pre Order for Early Access

Even as MLB The Show 21 continues to drop new content in Diamond Dynasty, many are looking ahead to the MLB The Show 22 release date.

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It might still be months away, but it's never too early to get excited about the MLB The Show 22 release date and the next evolution in baseball gaming.

MLB The Show 22 Release Date

With previous releases in mind, we're expecting the MLB The Show 22 release date will be Tuesday, April 19, 2022.

This is still unconfirmed, but it aligns closely with the release date used for the launch of MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 22 release date
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BREAKING BALL: Sony San Diego will look to push things up a notch once again

If we look back to previous years, MLB The Show 20, 19, and 18 all went with a late March release date closer to MLB Opening Day.


It's not clear if MLB The Show 21's slightly later release date was a more permanent shift in the release window they'll use moving forward or was delayed a hair to offer extra preparation for the launch on next gen.

Either way, fans can count on Sony San Diego delivering another great baseball experience by April of 2022.

Will MLB The Show 22 have Early Access?

While again this is unconfirmed, we do expect MLB The Show 22 to offer Early Access in the same way that MLB The Show 21 did.

Last year, players who placed a pre order for the Digital Deluxe or Jackie Robinson Edition of MLB The Show 21 got to play four days before everyone else.

If the same window is used as last year, MLB The Show 22 will release for Early Access on Friday, April 15, 2022.

When will it be available to Pre Order?

In general, we won't see a pre order go live for MLB The Show 22 until after the game and cover athlete have been revealed.

Last year, that was revealed on Monday, February 1, 2021 with an announcement trailer featuring MLB The Show 21 cover athlete Fernando Tatis Jr.


MLB The Show 22 is most likely to make that reveal on Monday, January 31, 2022, but it could come in early February if they want to push ahead just a hair.

MLB The Show 21 did wait a few extra days to announce the Jackie Robinson Edition of the game, so at most we should see a brief delay after the title's first announcement to reveal the legendary cover athlete.