MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions: Best players to buy now and sell later (April 19)

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With the season now underway, the first major MLB The Show 22 Roster Update is almost here and that means plenty of opportunity to make Stubs.

Things are a bit different this year, but our MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions have details on some of the players you can invest in now ahead of the ratings changes.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions: New Diamonds on the way

Opening Day and some of the season's first games are now in the books, and there are already some players with big showings.

Just as it did last year, each MLB The Show 22 Roster Update provides an opportunity to make Stubs as players can purchase someone at a lower value only to sell them for more if the card does get an upgrade in the Roster Update.

Like any investment these remain a risk, but they can be well worth your while when things do pan out and result in some massive Stubs when you sell those invested cards.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions April 19
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QUICKSELL VALUES: You can see how things changed from MLB The Show 21

In the past, quicksell values were more tied to tier, but things scale differently this year, as seen above, and as a result there are far more cards you could see a solid return on investment for.

Keep in mind or make note of what you purchase investments for, as some may be worth simply using quicksell values while others could net far more return by putting them up for sale on the marketplace after the price has increased.

Without further ado, here are our top MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions to see a ratings boost.

Diamond Plus: Jose Ramirez (88 OVR)

Starting at the top of the pack we have Jose Ramirez, and this third baseman has been tearing it up for the Guardians already at the plate.

Ramirez is already at 15 RBIs and 3 Home Runs on the season, including a 6 RBI game with that was a Double shy of the Cycle against the Reds.

While he's one of the more expensive options here, if you have the stubs Ramirez could see a boost to 90+ in this Roster Update or the next, which will drastically increase his value on the Marketplace.

Gold to Diamond: Rafael Devers (83 OVR)

Next up we have a solid upper tier Gold already in Rafael Devers, and he's already showing his skills again with a .922 OPS on the season so far.

Devers is at 83 OVR and would need a 2-point boost to go to 85 and reach Diamond tier, and he's one of the more likely players to make that jump in our first update.

Silver to Gold: Seiya Suzuki (75 OVR)

In one of the more interesting options here, Seiya Suzuki has been in the game for less than a week but could already see an upgrade in the first MLB The Show 22 Roster Update.

With a whopping 4 Home Runs already, Suzuki will definitely be on the rise, and he's likely to jump to Gold in the first or second Roster Update, but be careful as his rarity right now keeps his price a little high, so this investment may not pay off until a few updates down the line.

Common to Bronze: Steven Kwan (64 OVR)


Our final pick in these MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions turns to a lowly Common Tier player as of now in the young Steven Kwan.

He's already putting together a solid year with a 1.079 OPS across his first 8 games, so there's tons of potential by investing while he's still at Common to earn stubs later in Diamond Dynasty as he gets upgraded.

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