MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions: Best players to buy now and sell later (April 29)

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We're finally closing in on the first major MLB The Show 22 Roster Update with player ratings due for some major changes.

Even with the varied quicksell values, our MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions will help you make some investments to cash in on later for extra Stubs.

Latest - Supercharged boosts arrive

Player ratings are always in flux for the Live Series in Diamond Dynasty, and a few big performances have triggered two new Supercharged boosts.

Introduced for Opening Day, players who deliver spectacular performances in a real-world MLB game can earn a Supercharged boost for their card in Diamond Dynasty.

These boosts are only temporary, with most lasting just 48 hours, but in that interim, it can make their card extremely useful as an affordable 90+ rated option.

See which stars from the Yankees and Brewers received Supercharged boosts here.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions (April 29)

While there were some hopes that the first MLB The Show 22 Roster Update would arrive just two weeks in, they've delayed things a bit and are now finally due to kickoff the update cycle.

If things follow the same pattern as last year, we can expect an MLB The Show 22 Roster Update every two weeks almost like clockwork.

We now have confirmation that the first player ratings changes will arrive in an MLB The Show 22 Roster Update on April 29, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

MLB The Show 22 Roster Update Predictions April 19
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QUICKSELL VALUES: You can see how things changed from MLB The Show 21

The biggest value in these changes comes from flipping cards you've chosen to invest in, as after the update their quicksell value could be higher than the cost you'd spend to acquire them ahead of time.

Investments are always a risk, and the quicksell changes this year mean that some of these aren't quite as lucrative as they once were, but market value can also rise after an update.

There are still some solid options from Gold on down that could be well worth an investment whether they jump a whole tier or see any kind of player ratings increase.

Gold to Diamond: Carlos Rodon (83 OVR)

Carlos Rodon has been on fire pitching with the Giants so far this year, and his 1.06 ERA across 17 innings pitched could earn him an upgrade to Diamond.

Rodon is risky, as he's already selling in the 3000s, but with a big jump in this or a future update he could still be worth investing in now.

Gold Plus: Tommy Edman (81 OVR) & Francisco Lindor (82 OVR)

We've got two other solid Gold options that may not make it all the way to Diamond this time, but at their current rate they're bound to be on the rise.

Tommy Edman has a .963 OPS and .400 OBP on the season so far, and Lindor is not far off at a .971 OPS and .408 OBP.

With strong fielding ratings weighing heavy on their current overall, both of these cards could be due for hitting ratings to rise in the next MLB The Show 22 Roster Update.

Silver to Gold: Pablo Lopez (78 OVR)

Since the season began, Pablo Lopez has been on fire with a 0.52 ERA and 17 strikeouts across 17.1 innings pitched.

Following 7 straight scoreless innings against the Cardinals, he's sure to be on the rise and is close enough that a bump to Gold is looking likely.

Bronze to Silver: Seth Beer (69 OVR)

Seth Beer has already started to payoff for Arizona with his massive home run, but he's maintaining a solid .477 SLG and .431 OBP across his last 44 at-bats.

At just 69 OVR right now, Beer is all but guaranteed to go Silver and has the potential to go Gold in a future update if his performances continue like they have.

Common to Bronze: Jorge Lopez (63 OVR) & Jeremy Pena (64 OVR)


Lastly we have the two most affordable options in Jorge Lopez and Jeremy Pena who are both at Common and sure to jump at least to Bronze in the first MLB The Show 22 Roster Update.

Lopez has been shining after the move to closer in Baltimore with several saves, and Jeremy Pena is a star in the making after his walk-off home run against the Blue Jays.

Both of these players have the potential to go Silver or even Gold later in the season, so snagging some extra copies of them while at just Common could be a great long-term or even short-term Diamond Dynasty investment.

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