MLB The Show 22 update fixes 'unhandled server exception' in Mini Seasons today (May 18)

After weeks of complaints from players, a major issue is being fixed with the latest quick MLB The Show 22 update.

If you've been having server trouble in Mini Seasons, the new MLB The Show 22 update is here to help.

MLB The Show 22 update fixes 'unhandled server exception' in Mini Seasons

One of the most exciting additions this year in MLB The Show 22 was the introduction of Mini Seasons for Diamond Dynasty.

This new game mode allows players to play a condensed season of 3-inning games using their Diamond Dynasty squad.

While the opponents are CPU controlled, they're using teams actually created by other Diamond Dynasty players and those reset with each new Mini Seasons save.

The final goal of Mini Seasons, like any regular season, is to make the playoffs and win the championship.

MLB The Show 22 mini seasons unhandled server exception
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PLAY TO WIN: Plow through each of the unique Mini Seasons teams

Unfortunately, players have consistently been plagued by an "unhandled server exception" that popped specifically at the late stages of Mini Seasons.

Some players have lost multiple Mini Seasons attempts to the issue, but the new MLB The Show 22 update is finally remedying it.

There are no patch notes for this update as it wasn't deployed as a download, but instead done on the server side of things.

This MLB The Show 22 update deployed at 4am PT on May 18, 2022 and is already live in-game for all players.

Mini Seasons fix just in time for final Spring Cleanup stretch

If you're itching to dive back into Mini Seasons, now could be the perfect time as Double XP is still active in MLB The Show 22.

Spring Cleanup has only a few days left as the Featured Program in Diamond Dynasty, and Mini Seasons would be a great way to try and finish it out.

If you'd rather wait, this Friday is also set to bring the third Featured Program, though details on it have been kept secret so far.

Clues and cryptic riddles have continued to filter out from Sony San Diego, and it's looking like Roy Halladay is set to be the new Legend boss up for grabs.

If so, it'll be the first time Halladay has joined the game as a Legend, and his card is sure to become a must-have on any squad.

Whether you're jumping back to Mini Seasons now or later, players should finally be able to do so without worrying about the dreaded server error ruining things.

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