MLB the show 23: Best outfielders in Franchise Mode

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Good outfielders can win you games, but great ones can win you championships. That's why we decided to show you MLB The Show 23 best outfielders. With these players, you will achieve glory in your franchise save.

Outfielders need to be fast, precise, and have a very strong arm. They have to correctly calculate the trajectory of the ball, and throw it to the infielder as fast as possible. Their execution, or lack of it, can either save or cost their team plenty of points.

Without further ado, let's find out the MLB The Show 23 best outfielders.

MLB The Show 23: Best Outfielders

In MLB The Show 23, you can't just judge an outfielder by his OVR. There are plenty of other attributes you need to pay attention to, and that might be decisive when it comes to choosing between two outfielders.

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Fortunately for you, this article will tell you who are the best outfielders in MLB The Show 23 and why. With these players on your team, you will be one step close to winning a World Series.

Byron Buxton (93 OVR)

Team: Minnesota Twins

Position: CF

Age: 29

Byron Buxton speed, accuracy, and strength, make him the best outfielder in MLB The Show 23. The Minnesota Twins player has been one of the best outfielders in the league for quite some time, and in 2022 he finally made his first All-Star appearance.

Byron Buxton MLB The Show 23
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An impressive FLD of 99, combined with an 85 ARM, and 83 ACC, means Byron Buxton always knows where the ball is going to fall, and can throw it to the infielders in a fast and effortless way. He is a must-have outfielder in MLB The Show 23.

Mookie Betts (97 OVR)

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers

Position: RF

Age: 30

Mookie Betts is a very accomplished baseball player. Since entering the MLB in 2014, he was won two World Series, made the All-Star six times, and even won the AL MVP.

MLB The Show 23 Mookie Betts
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There is no denying Mookie Betts is a terrific baseball player. In MLB The Show 23, not only is he a great hitter, he is the second-best outfielder in the game. He is fast, has a strong arm, has good reactions, and above all, he is very accurate.

Mookie Betts will make sure to secure the ball, and make it reach his infielders in a fast and effective way. He will save your team many points and is the perfect player to get if you need to improve the outfielder position.

Aaron Judge (99 OVR)

Team: New York Yankees

Position: RF

Age: 30

Aaron Judge is one of the faces of the MLB, and for many, he is the best baseball player in the world right now. The reigning AL MVP is an elite outfielder and saves his team on multiple occasions.

MLB The Show 23 Aaron Judge
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He is the most accurate player on the list and has an insanely strong arm. These two great attributes allow him to throw the ball over a long distance effortlessly, and do it so with extreme precision. Aaron Judge will save you many points, and win you plenty of games, because of his amazing performance as an outfield player.

Kyle Tucker (90 OVR)

Team: Houston Astros

Position: RF

Age: 26

Kyle Tucker has only been in the MLB for five years, but he was already left his mark. The Houston Astros right fielder is a World Series winner, Gold Glove winner, and has attended the All-Star once.

MLB The Show 23 Kyle Tucker
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Just like Kyle Tucker helped the Houston Astros win the 2022 World Series, he can help your franchise do the same. With a great FLD, good arm strength, and above-average accuracy, Kyle Tucker is a great acquisition for any franchise in MLB The Show 23.

Mike Trout (99 OVR)

Team: Los Angeles Angels

Position: CF

Age: 31

When we talk about the best players of all time, Mike Trout's name always comes up. He is one of the most decorated players of all time, and the World Serie is the only big trophy he is missing.

MLB The Show 23 Mike Trout
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Mike Trout is known for being one of the best outfielders in the MLB, so it's no surprise to see him on this list. He is arguably the most balanced outfielder in the game, with a 74 FLD, 81 ARM, 72 ACC, and 58 REAC.

The Los Angeles Angels superstar player is going to make the middle-of-the-pack teams into contenders, and contenders into a dynasty. So, make sure you get Mike Trout on your team.

More Best Outfielders In MLB The Show 23

Player Team Position FLD ARM ACC REAC
Ronald Acuna Jr.Atlanta BravesRF63997441
Julio RodriguezSeattle MarinersCF78924561
Teoscar HernandezSeattle MarinersRF54836655
Hunter RenfroeLos Angeles AngelsRF74927155
Mitch HanigerSan Francisco GiantsRF66784567