MLB The Show 23 Ratings Reveal

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The MLB The Show 23 Ratings Reveal is around the corner, and fans will finally be able to see what are their favourite players' ratings.

MLB The Show 23 has announced plenty of exciting features for this year's edition. The main goal is to improve players' experience and immerse users in the game.

Fans are excited to know the ratings of the stars of today, but also of the legends that were recently added to the game. So, let's see when and where you can check out the MLB The Show 23 Ratings Reveal.

MLB The Show 23 Ratings Reveal Date

On their official Twitter, MLB The Show 23 announced that the heavily anticipated ratings reveal would take place this week. It will happen on Wednesday, 8 March, and will provide fans with some big surprises.

To reveal the ratings of baseball's biggest stars, both from the present and the past, we have the acclaimed MLB network host Robert Flores. Joining him is writer and comedian The Kid Mero. He will certainly make this a very entertaining broadcast, and together with Robert Flores, they will provide fans with plenty of memorable moments.

MLB The Show 23 Ratings Reveal New York Yankees
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Fans can follow the MLB The Show 23 Ratings Reveal on Twitch or Youtube. The show broadcast will start at 9 AM PT/ 17 PM GMT. As mentioned above, there will be plenty of surprises, so fans should stay tuned for that.

New Legends revealed


MLB The Show 23 will introduce some legendary players. Fans love being able to play with their childhood heroes that are now retired. Having the chance to play with all-time legends it's one of the things that makes MLB The Show 23 unique.

MLB The Show 23 new legend Jake Peavy
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MLB The Show 23 new legend Jake Peavy

Mike Lowell, Greg Vaughn, Ian Kinsler, Carlos Pena, and Jake Peavy, are all the new legends announced so far. More legends will be announced at the MLB The Show 23 Ratings Reveal, and we will also finally find out their OVR. We expect them to have astonishingly high stats, and be among the best players in the game.

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