MLB The Show 23 Team Affinity Season 2: Release Date, Leaked Content & More


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Team Affinity Season 2 is arriving at MLB The Show 23 on 9 May. The popular program will bring plenty of new cards, events, great rewards, and many challenges. This will allow players to update their squads, and get their hands on some of the first Set 2 cards.

Diamond Dynasty players can't wait for the program to be released. The leaked content about the program made fans even more excited about it. We already know some of the new cards that will come with it, and the name of the new MLB The Show 23 series.

So, without further ado, let's check out everything we know about Team Affinity Season 2.

Team Affinity Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned above, Team Affinity Season 2 starts on Friday at around 3 PM ET/ 20 PM GMT. Plenty of new content will be coming to Diamond Dynasty with this program, and users couldn't be more excited about it.

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Teaser image for Team Affinity Season 2

MLB The Show 23 released a teaser image that left many wondering what the new program was about. Some thought it was referring to a Shark Conquest Map. Others thought it was related to the name of the new MLB The Show 23 card series.

Fortunately, players didn't need to wait long to understand what it meant. Some information about Team Affinity Season 2 was leaked by the official PlayStation channel. So, let's check it out.

Leaked Content

PlayStation made the mistake of uploading the Team Affinity Season 2 YouTube teaser too early. Because of that, fans now know the name of the main program, the new card series, and the reward cards.

The Team Affinity Season 2 program will be called Kaiju. As for the new card series, it's called the Team Affinity Incognito series and has some incredible cards.

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The Kaiju program is arriving at Diamond Dynasty.

The Kaiju program will introduce at least four great cards to Diamond Dynasty, with all expected to have a 99 OVR. Hunter Renfroe, Brandon Lowe, Corey Kluber, and David Wright, will be the players arriving in this new program.

There are probably more incredible cards in the Kaiju program. However, we don't have access to more information about it. So, we need to wait for MLB The Show 23 to reveal more information about the program.

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The Incognito series cards look amazing!

When it comes to the Team Affinity Incognito series, we got to know three of the new cards the program will bring to Diamond Dynasty. The design of these cards is spectacular, as they look absolutely astonishing. We also expect these cards to have great attributes and high OVRs.

It's expected this program will deliver around thirty new cards. But so far, we only know about three of them. They are the cards of Steve Kwan, Jacob deGrom, and Max Muncy. Worth noting that, all of these cards are already part of Set 2.

The Set 2 collections rewards were also leaked. To earn these cards, you need to collect all the cards of Set 2. After doing that, you will receive a 99 OVR Hank Aaron, Randy Johnson, and David Wright.

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All of these players are legends of the game and possess some astonishing attributes. They are an amazing upgrade for any squad and are a nightmare to play against. So, make sure you get your hands on them.

As soon as we have more information about Team Affinity Season 2 we will update the article.

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