How to complete The Great Egg Hunt in MLB The Show 24

MLB The Show 24 The Great Egg Hunt Program Splash Art

MLB The Show 24 The Great Egg Hunt Program Splash Art

The Great Egg Hunt, which is part of the MLB The Show 24 Easter program, has just arrived at Diamond Dynasty. This program is a way to celebrate the Easter holiday, and it does so by introducing some exciting new content to the game.

It allows players to earn some incredible rewards by collecting 10 eggs. However, that is harder than it seems, as the eggs are spread across the multiple Diamond Dynasty game modes, and the challenges you need to complete to obtain them are secret.

That's why we created this guide, to help you complete the Great Egg Hunt program and get your hands on some spectacular rewards.

How to complete The Great Egg Hunt

As mentioned above, the Great Egg Hunt provides users with a chance to earn some great rewards, such as exclusive players, Stubs, packs, and more. But to do that, you need to collect the 10 eggs, which are spread across multiple Diamond Dynasty game modes

Luckily for you, we know exactly what you need to do to get your hands on those eggs as fast as possible and claim those great rewards. It's worth noting that, all eggs have specific requirements you need to follow, and there are also some easier ones to obtain than others.

To get your hands on egg one, you will need to go to the MLB The Show 24 main menu and access the moment's tab. Then, click on the Egg Hunt moments and complete all of them. Once that is done, you will earn egg one.

The Great Egg Hunt Reward Program
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For egg two, head over to Diamond Dynasty, single-player modes, and select ShowDown. Then, you simply need to complete the first two mini ShowDown missions to secure egg two.

Egg three is the easiest one to get, as you only need to steal a base in a ranked game.

When it comes to egg four, you will need to play a 9-inning game versus the CPU, against a bird team, which can be the Baltimore Orioles, the Toronto Blue Jays, or the St. Louis Cardinals.

To collect egg number five, you need to get on base with Wade Boggs on Battle Royale. Simply draft Wade Boggs in the gold round of the Battle Royale draft, and then get on base with him. After you get on base you can quit the game.

As you progress in the Great Egg Hunt program you will get Show packs that drop jelly beans. You will then head over to the exchanges tab in Diamond Dynasty, click on the exchange items option, and exchange 15 of the jelly beans you collected for egg number six.

Egg seven is very easy to earn, as you just need to hit a triple. So just play a game versus the CPU, in the lowest difficulty, versus one of the weakest teams, to earn egg number seven as fast as possible.

MLB The Show 24 The Great Egg Hunt Christian Yelich
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Christian Yelich has some astonishing attributes!

When it comes to egg number eight, you need two doubles in an events game. Just go to Diamond Dynasty, multiplayer modes, select events, and get two doubles.

To collect egg number nine you just need to win a Classic Mini Seasons game on All-Star difficulty.

Last but not least, we have egg number 10, which you can earn by defeating the Baltimore Orioles in the Egg Conquest map.

Once you collect all the eggs, you will have earned an 89 OVR Aaron Bummer, 90 OVR Willie McCovey, 90 OVR John Smoltz, 90 OVR Jeimer Candelario, and a 91 OVR Christian Yelich. Furthermore, you will also have earned six Show packs and three unique profile icons.

We hope this article helps you complete the Great Egg Hunt program easily and quickly. So good luck completing the Great Egg Hunt program and happy Easter!

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