MLB The Show 24: Huge features are coming to RTTS and Franchise

MLB The Show 24 gameplay footage

MLB The Show 24 gameplay footage

The latest MLB The Show 24 Feature Premiere finally addressed the RRTS and Franchise modes. Fans had been waiting for some news related to these two game modes for quite a while, and MLB The Show 24 finally revealed everything about them.

This Feature Premiere introduced some new and exciting features coming to the Franchise and RTTS modes. However, it's still hard to say if these new additions will be able to revitalize both modes.

Without further ado, let's find out everything about the MLB The Show 24 RTTS and Franchise Feature Premiere.

A breath of fresh air for RTTS

The first thing this Feature Premiere revealed is that you no longer can add your RTTS ballplayer to Diamond Dynasty. This was something the MLB The Show community had been asking for quite some time, so Sony San Diego Studio decided to listen to its players and remove that feature from the game.

This Feature Premiere also confirmed that the defensive Impact Plays feature, which was revealed in the Derek Jeter Storylines Feature Premiere, is also coming to RTTS.

MLB The Show 24 gameplay footage
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The defensive Impact Plays feature improves the player's chance of making great defensive plays and makes the RTTS gameplay feel more immersive and realistic.

MLB The Show 24 is also introducing new Quick Time Events for every defensive position. Players' performances in these events will be highly impactful in the outcome of the game.

The Feature Premiere also talked about the Women Pave Their Way mode, which for the first time ever allows players to create a female ballplayer and play through a unique storyline.

Finally some new Franchise features

It's true Franchise fans, MLB The Show 24 is actually introducing new features to the game mode.

The first feature introduced is called "Custom Game Entry", and allows players to set custom game conditions when simulating a Franchise game. When these conditions are met players will automatically jump into the live game

The prospect draft logic was improved in MLB The Show 24, especially regarding undrafted, unsigned and injury prospect players.

MLB The Show 24 Franchise
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Credit: MLB The Show
The Custom Game Entry feature is just one of the new Franchise mode features.

MLB The Show 24 is also introducing the PPI to the Franchise mode. It's based on a new MLB rule that encourages teams to promote their best prospect in exchange for draft pick compensation. This new feature allows you to do just that.

In this year's Franchise mode players will also finally be able to see awards in the player cards. This might seem like a small change but it makes a huge difference and is also something fans have been wanting for a long time.

Last but not least, players can finally start a save with a roster that contains all the latest real-life injuries. This makes the Franchise mode so much more realistic, and also saves players some time, as they no longer need to download custom rosters.

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