MLB The Show 24 Storylines: Everything about the Negro Leagues Season 2

MLB The Show 24 Negro Leagues Season 2  gameplay footage
Credit: MLB The Show

MLB The Show 24 Negro Leagues Season 2  gameplay footage
Credit: MLB The Show

MLB The Show 24 has many game modes but few are as popular as the Negro Leagues one. This game mode is capable of immersing players like no other in the MLB The Show franchise. At the same time, it lets players relive the rich history of one of the most important leagues in the history of sports.

The game mode was introduced last year, and this year a new season will be introduced called Storylines: Negro Leagues Season 2".

So without further ado, let's find out everything about the Negro Leagues Season 2.

Latest: Negro Leagues Season 2 feature premiere disappoints

Players were very excited for the Negro Leagues Season 2 feature premiere, hoping for some new and exciting features to be revealed.

However, the featured premiere only confirmed what everyone was already expecting, the game mode will be pretty much the same with just new protagonists.

This isn't necessarily bad, as the mode is built around telling the stories of the Negro Leagues legends and it will do exactly so in season 2. But the MLB The Show community was expecting a little bit more.

MLB The Show 24 Negro Leagues Season 2 Buck Leonard
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The feature premiere went into detail on the MLB The Show 24 Negro Leagues Edition, mainly focusing on its unique perks such as the New Era Hat. But when it came to introducing new features to the game mode none were presented.

The biggest addition is that the game mode difficulty was lowered and that you can skip a moment if you get stuck in it, which was highly disappointing.

Yes, having new stadiums and jerseys is great but isn't really game-changing, nor can it be considered a new game feature.

Storylines: Negro Leagues Season 2

In MLB The Show 23, the Negro Leagues mode allowed players to step into the shoes of some of the greatest players in the Negro Leagues history. Players could also earn many rewards, including unlocking special characters and cards for Diamond Dynasty.

Season 2 of the Negro Leagues follows the same model, with the only difference being it has new protagonists, 10 to be more precise. Some of these protagonists are already known, and they are Hank Aaron, Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard and Toni Stone.

Three more protagonists will arrive at the game mode in early April and three others will be added in May. All of this extra content will be available for free.

MLB The Show 24 Toni Stone
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Credit: MLB The Show
Toni Stone

Players will be able to relive the story of these heroes of the game in Negro Leagues Season 2, narrated by the great Bob Kendrick. Users will be able to unlock characters and special Diamond Dynasty cards once they finish the player's stories, similar to what happened last year.

It's also worth noting that, all the players from the Negro Leagues Season 1 will also be included in MLB The Show 24 from the launch.

We will update this article with any new information that is made available, so make sure to bookmark it.

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