MLB The Show 20: Road to the Show Guide - Best personalities in RTTS

Road to the Show allows players to work their way to the majors as a prospect in MLB The Show 20.

The mode includes many features, but one that can be confusing is the personality system which effects how you approach the game.

We break down the personality types in Road to the Show and which you should choose for your prospect.

Lightning Rod

MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show Lightning Rod personality
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Lightning Rod means making big plays to energize your team

Lightning Rod is the first option of the personality types in Road to the Show. This personality type is built around igniting your team, largely through big batting perks.

The starting perks for Lightning Rod are Jump Start, which improves your ability to hit in 0-0 counts and Eye of the Storm, which allows the player to use slow motion for one at-bat.

A lot of Lightning Rod perks are randomly activated, which goes with the theme of unpredictability. But players are still able to predict their perks with times that they always activate, so it's not all rng.

If you want to fuel your team to big moments more often, this is the personality tree for you.


MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show Maverick personality
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Maverick means making enemies across the league

Maverick is once again the antisocial social perk for Road to the Show. Players enhance their Maverick perks by making enemies across the league. Maverick traits allow the player to step things up in the presence of rivals. Whether it be divisional competition or personal rivals, Maverick means your player will show up on the big game day.

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The starting perks for Maverick are Territorial, which improves your hitting attribute against divisional opponents and Up In Arms, which ensures an inside pitch if the player calls time twice before the first pitch is thrown.

If you aren't keen on being liked and don't mind pressure, this is the personality tree for you.


MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show Captain personality
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Captain means knowing your team like the back of your hand

Captain runs off of being familiar with your teammates.

The starting perks for Captain are Homefront, which improves hitting ability when on home field, and Clear for Takeoff, which increases normal swing power in 2-0 and 3-1 counts.

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So if you want to lead your team to victory from the dugout to the diamond, this is the personality tree for you.

Heart & Soul

MLB The Show 20 Road to the Show Heart Soul Personality
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Heart & Soul means building strong friendships

The Heart & Soul personality trait is an alternative social trait for players looking to form a long-lasting bonds. This personality type gives benefits when playing alongside a few great friends.

The starting perks for Heart & Soul are Inner Peace, which gives an easier hit timing for pitches right down the middle and Defibrillator, which gives improved hitting when facing 2-0, 2-1, 3-0, and 3-1 counts.

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If you want to form a band of brothers on your teams to rise up the league rankings with, this is the personality tree for you.

Combining personalities

In MLB The Show 20, your RTTS personality choices aren't as simple as one or the other. Throughout the mode your character can enter multiple personality trees to pick up traits and unlock synergies between personalities.

This means that beyond just your main focus, you'll have to incorporate other trees to maximize your success in RTTS.


The most obvious synergies in Road to the Show are between Captain and Heart & Soul, but Maverick and Lightning Rod are also a good pairing.

Players that choose Captain and Heart & Soul as their main personality trees are rewarded for positively interacting with teammates at all times.

Once the player forms these positive relationships across the roster for Captain bonuses, strengthening a few of these bonds to make brothers means easy access to Heart & Soul bonuses.

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Players that choose Maverick and Lightning Rod as their main personality trees are rewarded for showing up big on game day and raising the bar by making their presence felt by opponents across the league.

With Maverick players should focus on making enemies on many different teams so you're always under the pressure of outperforming them. Once you have your rivals, Lightning Rod and Maverick combine to ensure you take over the diamond when it counts.

With Maverick's high demand on your social time, combining it with Lightning Rod is the perfect match.

Which personalities should you pick?

At the end of the day, spreading your attention across the personalities is always going to yield a better character than simply focusing one tree. But some of these personality trees play better with others.

Lightning Rod is the best personality trait in MLB The Show 20's RTTS. This is because it's the most applicable and synergistic of all the personality traits, making it an auto-include.

The tree focuses on making big plays and fueling your team to victory. These benefits effect the player regardless of how they choose to socialize off of the diamond. So whether you're looking to make friends or foes, Lightning Rod fits in just fine. No matter your gameplan, include Lighting Rod.

After Lightning Rod, the next best personality trait is Captain. This personality trait isn't always the most explosive, but its benefits are easy to maintain. To enhance your perks, players that choose Captain simply have to positively interact with your teammates. By being more focused on the team as a whole there's no danger of losing benefits to injuries or trades.

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