San Diego Padres: Are they on the right track?

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(Photo Credit: Peyri Herrera)

Do you remember in 2015 when the San Diego Padres took the offseason by storm by acquiring a handful of star talent in efforts to make the postseason? If so, you probably also remember when they traded away all but one of those players before the 2017 season. 

If Padres fans are wary about this offseason, it’s hard to blame them. The club looked poised to compete in 2015 and ended up in fourth place in the NL West that year. This team looks better than the 2015 club but another problem exists. The four other NL West clubs are just as competitive coming into 2018. 

The Padres have a lot to prove this year and though they look good on paper, can they bring that talent onto the field every day?

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