Why Joe Nathan belongs in the Hall of Fame

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Relievers and the Hall of Fame: a strained relationship

  ERA FIP K% BB% Batting Average WAR

How does Joe Nathan stack up?

  ERA FIP K% BB% Batting Average WAR Saves
Joe Nathan2.873.3625.99.1.20327.2377
Hoyt Willhem2.523.0617.68.5.21147.3228
Rich Gossage3.013.18209.8.22342.0310
Bruce Sutter2.832.9420.37.3.22424.6300
Rollie Fingers2.90.29618.77.1.23026.1341

Born in the wrong era?

Dennis Eckersley 1975 - 1998
Rich Gossage1972 - 1994
Bruce Sutter1976 - 1988
Rollie Fingers1968 - 1985
Hoyt Wilhelm1952 - 1972

Limping to the finish

The verdict

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