Yankees season is a success no matter what happens

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A 91-win season was not part of the plan for the Yankees coming into this season. A year that was supposed to be a transition year for the Baby Bombers has turned into their best season since 2012 when the team won 95 games. Despite what happens this postseason, this season is a success.

Hot start and bumps along the road

April was a month where the team got off slow in the first week of the season and there were some questions already bubbling if this team was going to have any success at all. That turned out not to be the case as the Yanks were scorching throughout the months of April, May, and June. The team would go into the all-star break with a good chance at making it to the playoffs where no-one thought they could end up going.

Aaron Judge carried the Yankees in the first half, a half that was historic and helped put the Yankees in a prime playoff position. After the all-star break, Judge would go in a two-month funk where he was not the same player that the Bronx Bombers saw in the first half. The team was able to tread water with the help of Gary Sanchez and the potent Yankee offense to stay in the mix.

September and the race for the division

Come September the Yankees found themselves three games behind the Red Sox for first place. Manager Joe Girardi and other players were constantly saying that the goal is to win the division. They had a chance by winning 20 games in September, but the Red Sox were able to match them.

The Aaron Judge that the Yankees saw in the first half returned as the rookie hit 15 home runs in the month of September, the most he has had in any month this season. Judge would go on to break the all-time rookie record for home runs in a season and his hot September has put himself back in the MVP race.

This season has brought a relatively young team in the middle of a pennant chase. This gives the Baby Bombers plenty of experience going into the wild-card game Tuesday against the Twins. Fans are feeling confident that the Yanks can handle the surprising Minnesota team who made the playoffs a year after losing 100 plus games last year.

This team can be a scary team should they get past the wild-card game, but no matter what happens on Tuesday, this season has to be considered a success.


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