PUBG Mobile Season 11 Reward Pass: Price, release date, rewards, price in India and everything you need to know

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PUBG Mobile Season 11 and update 0.16.5 mean two new Royale Passes, bringing loads of rewards. Here is everything you need to know.

Right now, fans of the mobile battle royale can start grinding the Royale Pass, collecting their bonuses.

There will be a big update dropping today across IOS and Android devices in preparation for the new season titled ‘Operation Tomorrow‘ that will be coming out 10th January.

Keep reading to find out more.

So, what Is The Royale Pass?

The Royale Pass works in a similar way to the Battle Pass.

You buy the Royale Pass, which then allows you to rank up through the tiers and unlock rewards along the way. The better rewards come with the more work you put in.

What Is Included In The Royale Pass?

The Royale Pass will play host to plenty of new items, here are some of the confirmed items:

  • A new 100RP outfit
  • Red & black outfit (unlocked at gold tier)
  • Various rewards and cosmetics
  • MK14 skin (unlocked at diamond tier)
PUBG Mobile new guns
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BACK WITH A BANG: The new MP5K will no doubt be a hit with fans who opt for close-quarters combat

Two Royale Passes?

Classified YT, a prominent PUBG Mobile leaker, revealed details about PUBG Season 11 bringing in TWO Royale Passes.

This includes the following:

  • Elite Upgrade - 600 UC
  • Elite Upgrade Plus - 1800 UC

Naturally, the more expensive pass will grant better rewards.

Gun Skins

Plenty of leaks have emerged that new weapon skins will arrive in PUBG Mobile Season 11.

We will get a new M416 and M762 skin. In addition, we'll get a new pan, helmet and backpack skin. A new MK14 skin will also be available once players hit diamond tier.

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It's also been rumoured that the Kar98k will receive an exclusive Season 11 skin. There are also rumours that the SKS, M16A4 and Uzi will get new skins.


There are new outfits to be grabbed from the Royale Pass. The futuristic outfit below is picked up for reaching Royale Pass level 100.

pubg season 11 outfit 100
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LEVEL UP: This mysterious, masqueraded outfit can be claimed at level 100

The second outfit, pictured below, is awarded once you hit gold tier.

pubg season 11 outfit gold tier
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STEALTH ACTIVATED: This gold tier outfit gives off serious ninja vibes

You'll also receive a parachute skin once you hit Ace tier.


The Royale Pass costs £29.99 and is available as soon as the update drops (January 9, 2020).


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PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale pass will cost approx 660 UC, while the Elite plus India Upgrade will cost 1,800 UC and will directly take the player to rank 25, which would generally cost 2,500 UC.

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