PUBG Mobile Season 11 Update: Royale Pass rewards, price, weapons, outfits and more

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PUBG Mobile Season 11 is coming tomorrow, but today saw the game have it's latest big update, 0.16.5, bringing with it a host of content.

As usual, there is a big update that dropped today across IOS and Android devices ahead of the new season titled 'Operation Tomorrow' that will be comes out tomorrow (10th Jan).

Update 0.16.5!

Tencent has spoken out through the official PUBG Mobile social channels to let people know about the update and how large it's going to be!

The official PUBG Mobile Twitter account said:

' PUBG MOBILE will be pushing out an Update starting from January 9th to prepare for Royale Pass Season 11 Operation Tomorrow, there will be no downtime. This update requires approximately 0.14 GB of storage space on Android and 0.17 GB on iOS. See you tomorrow!'

The update will be released at different times for different people - so be patient!

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What's new?

Through a series of leaks, we can more or less confirm the update will see the release of the following items.

PUBG Mobile new guns
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BACK WITH A BANG: The new MP5K will no doubt be a hit with fans who opt for close-quarters combat

  • New M416 Skin
  • New M762 Skin
  • Backpack
  • Pan Skin
  • Helmet Skin

The new skins will match the sci-fi futuristic theme so expect a lot of colour and flash that help dazzle your opponents on the battleground.

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What are you most looking forward to in Operation Tomorrow?

New vehicles

In addition, there will be a new mini SUV called Zima with a top speed of 115 km/h and a new snow bike that replaces the regular bike.

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ROOM WITH A ZOOOOM: A new mini SUV - the Zima - is on the way, and is perfect for rough terrain

If Vikendi is not your taste, watch out for a special attachment called 'canted sight'.

This is one of the most awaited attachments in the game, which has been leaked on several occasions and finally making its way to PUBG Mobile.


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The Canted Sight is a secondary scope that can be used in all weapons.

This is helpful while seamlessly switching between two scopes during combat.

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