PUBG Mobile Season 12 LIVE: Royale Pass, price in India, rewards, weapons, outfits, release date, update 1.17.0, DLC and more

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Update 0.17.0 has arrived around the world, and the new season of PUBG Mobile is here too!

That means you can now access the Royale Pass for PUBG Mobile‘s Season 12.

We are here to tell you how much it’s going to cost in India.

So, how much will it cost in India? Keep reading to find out.

As usual, the Elite Royale Pass will cost 600UC which will set you back £9.99.

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The Elite Plus Royal Pass will cost 1800UC which is going cost £29.99.

The Royale Pass is usually available as soon as the update drops, and translates to roughly 2,800 Indian Rupees.

Release date

The 0.17.0 update is available today, but Season 12 won't start until 9 March, so you have a little time to hone your skills and prepare!


There have been plenty of leaks about what players can expect to find within their Royale Pass this season. These include some amazing new skins for both players and weapons.

pubg mobile season 12 leaked skin 3
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FEEL THE TERROR: Fear will be in your eyes when facing this guy

Extreme Cold mode

This is a new mode where it’s not only other players that can kill you. Players need to hunt for food by killing animals and potentially light fires to fight the cold.


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The same as the closing circle, there will be a cold wave that will drain health until the player takes shelter. This will be the highest test of your ability to survive in the harshest of environments.

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