Is NBA 2K22 on Xbox Game Pass?

NBA 2K22 has been out for just over a week, and it's been a big step forward on next gen consoles, leading many to wonder if the title has hit Xbox Game Pass.

With NBA 2K21 previously being on the service, we take a look at whether you can get your NBA 2K22 fix with an existing Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Is NBA 2K22 on Xbox Game Pass?

Here comes the bad news. No, NBA 2K22 is not on Xbox Game Pass at this time.

NBA 2K21 spent several months on Xbox Game Pass, but it didn't arrive until March 4, 2021.

is nba 2k22 on xbox game pass
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BOXED OUT: Looks like NBA 2K22 won't be on Game Pass for a while

That means it took NBA 2K21 exactly six months to arrive on the subscription based game service, and unfortunately we're likely to see at least as long of a wait to get NBA 2K22 through the same means.

If you're desperate for some basketball gaming without having to buy a full title, your only Xbox Game Pass option is actually NBA Live 19.

The offering by EA marked the end of that series, and it's remained dormant since the release of NBA Live 19, but it's something you can download and try out now if you've got Xbox Game Pass.

When will NBA 2K22 be on Xbox Game Pass?

With the timing of NBA 2K21 arriving on the service in mind, the most likely date to see NBA 2K22 on Xbox Game Pass would be March 10, 2022.

That's a Thursday, the same day of the week that NBA 2K21 launched on Xbox Game Pass, and lines up perfectly with the "six months after release" window.

While NBA 2K21 was added back in March, it came with a subtle catch that was left out of the conversation in that the version arriving was current gen.

That meant next gen players on Xbox Series X|S could download it, but they'd still be playing only the previous gen's version of the title and wouldn't have access to The City or other next gen upgrades.

Hopefully an eventual NBA 2K22 addition to Xbox Game Pass will include both the next gen and current versions of the titles so Xbox Series X|S players get the full experience.

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