NBA 2K22 could mark another big year for the series

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With NBA 2K21 starting to wind down and MyTEAM in the later stages, speculation is starting to turn to the future and potential release of NBA 2K22.

With little official news landing just yet, let's look ahead and see what we know so far about the possible launch of NBA 2K22 later this year.

Is there going to be an NBA 2K22?

Yes! While not officially announced yet, NBA 2K22 is all but confirmed thanks to interactions on the r/NBA2k subreddit.

Mike Wang, the NBA 2K Gameplay Director, posted there less than two weeks ago to get player input about some gameplay balance changes they're considering for contesting shots.

Is there going to be an NBA 2K22
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It's no surprise, as the NBA 2K series hasn't missed an annual release since releasing the original NBA 2K in November of 1999.

When will NBA 2K22 be announced and confirmed?

As for when things will get more official, the wait might not be that long after all.

The most recent bit of potential NBA 2K22 news came with a leak about the cover athlete, and a previous report that seemed to line up with a specific pair being the faces of NBA 2K22.

On top of that, another recent leak indicated some major NBA 2K22 news could be coming on June 10, 2021.

The timing is exciting, as E3 2021 is also just around the corner, so we'll hopefully get something official from 2K Sports and potentially even an announcement trailer in the coming days.

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