NBA 2K League Explained

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No matter who you are, the urge to be competitive will always be there. Whether you’re actually on the court, or if you’re playing on a console watching on your T.V., wanting to prove that you are the best at your game is why many people compete.

This goes for the NBA 2K Franchise as well. Of course, a game about basketball would definitely draw competitors, wouldn’t it? Of course it would! As such, many compete on the leaderboards online and sometimes in person locally to show that they are better than others.


But, for those that are tired of beating the same people over and over again, and for those that a simple top of the leaderboard isn’t enough, there’s the NBA 2K League. This is where the best of the best go to compete. Those that see it as a necessity to prove that they are the best and better than everyone else at the game, can try to get chosen for the NBA 2K League and have the honor of competing at this level of play. But what exactly is the NBA 2K League?

What it is

The NBA 2K League is the official league of the NBA and Two-Take Interactive, the creators of NBA 2K19. This is the league that you, if drafted, can join a roster of other talented NBA 2K Players, and go on to be able to compete against the highest level of competition. Players are selected from both America and Europe to compete, meaning it is quite open to everyone. If you are drafted, you would then be put onto a team sponsored by an actual current NBA Team.