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A new NBA 2K Mobile Season is here and it answered the prayers of the 2K Mobile community for new content! Similar to previous seasons, Season 6 brings plenty of brand-new features, missions, and rewards.

The mobile version of NBA 2K might not be as popular as NBA 2K24, the consoles and PC versions, but it still has a big player base. So, it's great to see that 2K didn't just forget NBA 2K Mobile and instead gave its player base something to be excited about.

Let's find out everything about NBA 2K Mobile Season 6 without further ado.

Release date

The NBA 2K Mobile Season 6 went live on 10 October, at around 10am PT/ 18pm BST. It followed the same model as previous seasons, so it shouldn't come as a surprise for veteran NBA 2K Mobile fans.

What did come as a surprise was a maintenance break that happened just two hours after the season started. Players were experiencing multiple errors, such as the 7-day login not being visible, and wins not counting towards the Crew challenges, among others.

Fortunately, all of the problems have already been resolved, and the Season 6 mini-event is also underway.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 6
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As mentioned above, Season 6 also introduced some new features and challenges. New card tiers were added, changes to the Crews and Domination game modes were made, bugs were fixed, and the increased priority on combating cheaters and hackers remained.

It's also worth noting that, the NBA 2K Mobile servers were down for maintenance on 10 October, so that the transition to S6 could be completed.

So let's take a look at everything about Season 6 below.

Season 6 cover athlete

The NBA 2K Mobile Season 6 cover athlete is none other than the superstar guard of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Donovan Mitchell.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 6 cover athlete Donovan Mitchell
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According to Mitchell, Season 6 will take the game to the next level. Hopefully, that is true since fans have been eager for new content, and the game needs a breath of fresh air.

New card tiers

Season 6 of NBA 2K Mobile introduced three new card tiers and raised the floor of the lowest possible tier players can pull from packs. The tiers that were introduced are called Garnet, Cobalt, and Zircon. They replaced the Ruby and Saphire tiers.

More than 150 new cards have arrived at NBA 2K Mobile in Season 6. These cards include current and retired players who will make their NBA 2K Mobile debut in Season 6, with most of those cards belonging to one of the three new tiers listed above. Some players also made their return to the game, such as Isaiah Thomas and DeMarcus Cousins.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 6 new card tiers
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It's also worth noting that, as Season 6 went live, cards that are worth over 100K in NBA 2K Mobile, are now displayed uniquely, like the ones you see above. The PWR difference between the foundation and other theme cards of the same tier is also smaller compared to Season 5. This means that rewards from events and other tournaments are more valuable now.

The Record Breakers card theme was also introduced in Season 6, adding cards with a unique theme. All of the players in this promo are NBA legends such as Bill Russell, LeBron, Hayes, Kobe, and Ewing. These players possess great attributes and are also quite expensive. Players will be able to earn these cards by both the progression and the hardcore leaderboard.

Game modes

As mentioned above, Season 6 has brought huge changes to some game modes. The Crews and Domination game modes underwent some massive changes. Crews now has a new 2-on-2 and 1-on-1 game mode and the rewards you earn by completing Crews challenges will also benefit you on MyTeam.

There are multiple challenges available per week on Crews for players to complete and earn great rewards. Furthermore, stamina is no longer a thing in the game mode, so you don't need to worry about it anymore, you can play Crews until you feel like it.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 6 Record Breakers Cards
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Crews also underwent some rule changes, removing the shot clock or lane violations. The games are also played until a targeted score is reached instead of being timed.

2K developers also made some changes to the Crews store, with items now rotating in and out, instead of always being available. There are many new clothing items, that will be made available throughout the season.

The NBA 2K Mobile community was hoping for more online modes in the game, and Season 6 delivered just that. Hopefully, these changes will deliver an even more exciting and entertaining experience.

Season 6 rewards

As usual, every new NBA 2K Mobile Season brings plenty of rewards. These rewards are supposed to give players something to grind for and help users upgrade their squads.

The lowest rewards tier was raised, with Topaz becoming the lowest tier you can pull from draft boards or other rewards. But you don't need to worry, because no card will be removed from your collection, so your cards that are below the Topaz tier are safe.

In Season 6, the collectables pool features a total of 17 themes, with only the Season 5 themes which had a card of the Cosmic Jasper or higher tier featuring. Throughout Season 6, new themes will be included, as usual.

NBA 2K Mobile Season 6 reward Victor Wembanyama
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Some Sets were removed from the game, with foundation Sets from Ruby through Dark Matter all being removed. This means that plenty of the Season 5 Sets aren't available anymore. It's also worth noting that, you can earn the above Victor Wembanyama card by logging in for seven straight days.

The first Season 6 locker code has also been released, with players receiving an upgradable Oscar Robertson card, by using the “MRTRIPLEDOUBLE” code.

We hope this guide answered all of your questions about Season 6 and the changes it brought to NBA 2K Mobile. For more guides and all the latest news about NBA 2K Mobile, check out Realsport101.

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