NBA 2K19: All-Time Los Angeles Lakers Player Ratings and Roster

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The more well-known team to come out of the Los Angeles teams, the Lakers made a huge splash back in the summer when they announced that they would be acquiring LeBron James for their 2019 roster. But, this is not the first time that the Lakers have gotten themselves a strong player. Throughout their 71 seasons, they have made playoff appearances 60 times, and have 16 championships to prove that they are one of the top dogs in the business.

Starting Lineup

Magic Johnson, PG/SG (99)

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Age: 27

Height: 6’9”

Traits: One of a Kind

Best Stats: Passing, Layups, Steals

An extremely dedicated player, Magic Johnson’s career with the Lakers was nothing short of phenomenal. Even when he was bed-ridden with HIV, he was still able to keep up with his regular averaged, having 19.5 points averaged per game throughout his entire career, as well as 11.2 assists per game totaled, and even managing 1.9 steals per game, peaking with 3.4 steals per game during his ‘80-’81 year.

Kobe Bryant, SG/SF (98)

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Age: 29

Height: 6’6”

Traits: All-Around Superstar

Best Attributes: Layups, Mid-Range, Lateral Quickness

When you think of the Lakers, you will almost immediately think of Kobe Bryant. Considered one of the all-time greats, right alongside Michael Jordan and Lebron James, Bryant made sure that people would always remember him. Averaging 25.0 points per game during his entire career, he peaked at 35.4 points per game during the ‘05-’06 year, while maintaining 4.7 assists overall, as well as 4.1 rebounds per game throughout his career.

Shaquille O’Neal, C/PF (98)

Age: 28

Height: 7’1”

Traits: Two-Way Star

Best Stats: Strength, Layups, Dunks

The big man at the wheel, Shaquille O’Neal played with the Lakers for most of his career. With 8 seasons under his belt with them, he was one of the few big men that were able to net lots of points. Averaging 27.0 points per game during his tenure with the Lakers, he was also able to solidify 11.8 rebounds per game and a monstrous 2.5 blocks per game as well.

Jerry West, PG/SG (97)

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Age: 24

Height: 6’2”

Traits: All-around Superstar

Best Stats: Layups, passing, Steals

Another man that stayed tried and true with the Lakers, Jerry West was able to dominate most of his games through sheer willpower it seemed. At the end of his career, he had averaged a solid 27.0 points per game, peaking at 31.2 points per game averaged during his ‘69-’70 year. He was also able to gain a fantastic 6.7 assist average per game, as well as a daring 2.6 steals per game.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, C/PF (96)

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Age: 29

Height: 7’2”

Traits: Two-Way Star

Best Stats: Post Offense, Rebounding, layups

Another big man to come out from the Lakers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was a massive man on defense and offense for the Lakers. Averaging 22.1 points per game during his 14 season run, he was able to also have a strong 11.2 rebounds per game, as well as 2.6 blocks per game, meaning he definitely earned his hall of fame spot.

NBA 2K19 All-Time Los Angeles Lakers Player Roster

Name OVR Position Height Age
Magic Johnson99PG6’927
Kobe Bryant98SG6’629
Shaquille O’Neal98C7’128
Jerry West97SG6’224
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar96C7’229
Elgin Baylor96SF6’526
James Worthy95SF6’929
George Mikan95C6’1027
Wilt Chamberlain91C7’132
Pau Gasol90C7’030
Gail Goodrich90SG6’131
Jamaal Wilkes87PF6’628
Byron Scott87PG6’327
Michael Cooper86SG6’528
Derek Fisher84PG6’128

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