NBA 2K19: Milwaukee Bucks Player Ratings and Roster

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If you are looking for an all-around fun team to play and watch them grow over multiple seasons, the Bucks may be the team to pick. With a fairly young core all hitting their primes and oozing with athleticism, you’ll have a hard time not enjoying this team. Check out the team with this year’s main cover athlete.

Starting Lineup

Eric Bledsoe, PG (OVR 81) 

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Age: 28

Height: 6’1”

Traits: Two-Way SuperStar

Best Attributes: Steals, Ball handling, Vertical

Eric Bledsoe is one of the older members of this current iteration of Bucks. This will be his first full year on the Milwaukee Lineup, but did play a majority of the games in 2018. He put up an impressive 17.8 points average while there, along with 5.1 average assists, making him one of the more highly prized point guards. Look for him to be great in both the offensive and defensive roles. 

Malcolm Brogdon, SG (OVR 79) 

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Age: 25

Height: 6’5”

Traits: Offensive Star

Best Attributes: Ball Handling, Mid-Range, 3Pt

Although he started a bit later in his years than others, Malcolm is still able to pull his own weight. averaging around 13.0 points per game, he was able to put up a fairly decent .532 eFG%, while only starting 20 of his 48 games played. This year, he hopes to be able to start every game, and show his worth.

Khris Middleton, SF (OVR 84) 

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Age: 26

Height: 6’8”

Traits: Two-Way Star

Best Attributes: Mid-Range, Layups, Lateral Quickness

One of the more experienced members of the Bucks, Middleton started 82 of 82 games last season, placing him with a handsome average of 20.1 points per game. Not only that, he had a very good 4.0 assists per game, and 5.2 average rebounds, with at least 1.5 steals per game. Middleton is one of most underrated players in this league.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, PF (OVR 94) 

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Age: 23

Height: 6’11”

Traits: All-Around Superstar

Best Attributes: Stamina, Layups, Lateral Quickness

What is there to even say about Giannis Antetokounmpo? The current cover star of NBA 2K19, the up and coming player that is seen as the next great. Averaging an incredible 26.9 points and 10 rebounds per game, he not only shows that he’s a strong playmaker, but the 4.8 assists make him a feared team player as well. There is almost nothing that he can’t do.

Brook Lopez, C (OVR 79) 

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Age: 30

Height: 7’0”

Traits: Low Post Threat

Best Attributes: Post Offense, Strength, Blocks

Rounding out the group is Brook Lopez. Although not exactly the most talked about player on the roster, he still has quite a bit of potential. He averaged a respectable 13.0 points as a center, and a 4.0 total rebounds as well. Most hope he will also be effective on the defensive side as he averaged 1.3 blocks last season.

NBA 2K19 Milwaukee Bucks Roster

Name OVR Position Height Age
Eric Bledsoe81PG6'1"28
Malcolm Brogdon79PG6'5"25
Khris Middleton84SG6'8"26
Giannis Antetokounmpo94SF6'11"23
Brook Lopez79C7'0"30
Matthew Dellavedova73PG6’4”28
Donte DiVincenzo72SG6’5”21
Sterling Brown70SG6’6”23
Pat Connaughton72SG6’5”25
Tony Snell73SF6’7”26
Ersan Ilyasova77PF6’10”28
D.J. Wilson70PF6’10”22
John Henson78C6’11”27
Thon Maker72C7’1”21
Trevon Duval68PG6’2”20
Christian Wood68PF6’10”23
Jaylen Morris66SG6’5”23

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