NBA 2K19: MyGM and How to Get Started

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to get to make all the decisions? Ever wonder if you could hack it in a corporate world where you have to make big decisions and possibly get scrutinized by organizations globally? Ever think about how you can make it in the NBA world without having to actually play basketball?

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Well then, this game mode is for you! MyGM gives you a test of will as you take on the daunting task of running a team. You will have to deal with staff, figure out how you want to allocate your money and resources, as well as decide if you want to deal with quick-fire events that can possibly have massive ramifications down the road.

Starting Out

Starting it off, there are two different modes with MyGM. First, there is “The Saga Continues”. This actually follows the storyline of the previous MyGM game in 2K18. The other is the traditional MyGM mode that is more straightforward.

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Between the two, MyGM Standard is better suited for those just wanting to play and experience it, and not so much about the actual story. MyGM “The Saga Continues” is more about continuing the storyline from the previous game, as well as making the mode a bit more user-friendly and funny. This is more well suited for those that want to see funny dialogue moments and speeches like in a regular RPG game.

Diving into the Saga

The Saga Continues is more for those that want to take a more light-hearted approach to the GM experience. You start out on a boat with an Owner of a team, fishing and relaxing your days away. The entire Saga is played out like a distant memory, and you get to fill in the blanks.

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Your choices and answers to questions play a big part in what direction the team goes, instead of actually fully controlling the team itself. You get a say in who gets cut, and who stays, as well as how management holds up. You get to see your actions have an effect the team, and you must learn how to balance all the pieces through proper dialogue choices.

MyGM Standard

This way of MyGM is more the start of your journey. Unlike the Saga Continues, you are just starting out on your journey as a general manager. As such, you will need to take care of all the interactions between the players and the management, as well as balance the owner’s wants and needs, and other management professionals. 

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Things to look out for

When starting, you have to pick a team that you want to work with. As you are picking your team, you will have to deal with the owner of the franchise. The owner of each team comes with different standards and topics of preference and interest. Make sure that their topics and priorities align with how you see yourself playing the GM game.

A trick to use if you want a specific team, but hate the owner’s alignment, is to constantly randomize the owner personality. You can re-roll their priorities until you get one set that is up to your own standards.

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Make notes of everything. You will have to deal with the Drafts of the rookie seasons which can be extremely stressful if you don’t understand how it works. As such, pay attention to what your team needs, as well as what needs to be filled in terms of playstyle and attribute synergy.

Lastly, as you play throughout the game, make sure to check your players after every game. Sometimes, games can wear them out, causing them to become exhausted or tired. Tired players can lead to decreased training results, as well as poor performances. This goes for the management as well. If the management is weak and not doing so hot, maybe it’s time to ease up on the training.

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