NBA 2K19: MyPark Guide and Intro

MyCareer is always one of the biggest spotlights of the game. Being able to create your own player and tailor it to your liking can make many people dream of the glory days of their reign in the online world. Sometimes, you have to see if you actually stack up against the other players around the world.

MyPark is touted as a stronger Playground from NBA 2K18. When introduced, it was seen as a success, but has had recent changes given to it over time. In 2K19, there is far more to do, as well as to challenge, when jumping into MyPark.

The old Comes Back

Just like with other games, you are able to take your created player and put him into the park. You control them as they walk around, interact with other people, and try to get into a pick up game to see how well they stand against others.

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When you first log in, you will notice that there are a lot of people. Just like the other versions, there is only one MyPark, meaning almost all the players that have logged into the park are in one central area. This makes finding a match extremely easy.

Different Game Modes

There are plenty of different games that you can play while in MyPark. These range from giving you bonuses to your character to just giving you money for participating and winning.

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For starters, the regular 3 versus 3 will be available to play. You can do an easy pick up squad by hopping into the random groups, but you can also link up with your friends to form a pre-made squad to take on others online.

Something a bit new is the trampoline Basketball. These are courts that have trampolines installed into the floors which you will have to bounce onto at specific times to make insane shots and other such blocks. You can find these at the edge of MyPark, and playing in them can be quite challenging. The big tip that we have for this type of game mode is to learn the timing as best you can. Different players and positions have different timings based on weight and height, so use it to your advantage, and pick your shots.

Outside the Game

Outside of your regular games such as a 3 on 3 or a bouncing great time with the trampoline courts, you are also able to do such things like play in a dodgeball event. These events happen at timed intervals, but can be a great source of stress relief after a hard day of balling against opponents. 

You can also take the time to figure out who you want for your online squad. You can link up with up to 4 teammates to create a 5 on 5 squad, and take to the courts to see how well your team can handle the pressure. Occasional tournaments will appear as well which you can participate in to earn money and fame, and possibly get on the Wall of fame.

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