NBA 2K19 MyTeam: Best 3-point shooters

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To be competitive in today’s NBA, your team must have reliable 3-point shooting. Without a threat from range, defensive schemes can easily jam the lane and make it very difficult to score inside. This is no different in NBA 2K19, as you will want to own shooters on your squad to keep defenses honest. Just so you know which players to look out for while collecting players, we wanted to provide you with a list of the best 3-point shooters in NBA 2K19 MyTeam mode.

J.R. Smith (OVR 98) 

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Team: New York Knicks

Height: 6’6”

3-Pt Attribute: 98 Outside Scoring

Position: Shooting Guard

Card Tier: Pink Diamond

Currently playing for the Cavalier’s, J.R. Smith is said to have been at his best during his years with the Knicks. During this time, his 3pt shooting was spot on, and known to be fearsome no matter where he is outside the paint. Getting this player card can significantly improve your 3pt game.

Stephen Curry (OVR 94) 

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Team: Golden State Warriors

Height: 6’3”

3-Pt Attribute: 97 Outside Scoring

Position: Point Guard

Card Tier: Diamond/Free Agents

One of the most noted and well-known basketball players in the current years, Stephen Curry is a monster at landing the threes from just about anywhere. With over 16 to 20 points per game averaged throughout most of his career, he will be able to crush your opponents if used.

Michael Redd (OVR 94) 

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Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Height: 6’6”

3-Pt Attribute: 96 outside Scoring

Position: Shooting Guard

Card Tier: Diamond/Free Agents

Not a name spoken about as often as you would expect, Michael Redd was known as quite a fearsome 3pt shooter while he was an active Milwaukee Bucks player. With a decent height of 6’6”, Redd would average around 21 to 23 points per game during his peak years, which makes his card quite worthwhile.

John Stockton (OVR 97) 

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Team: Utah Jazz

Height: 6’1”

3-Pt Attribute: 95 Outside Scoring

Position: Point Guard

Card Tier: Pink Diamond

Having played well over a thousand games, this 6’1” point guard was not always known as a strong 3pt shooter. Instead, he was more well known as an assist king. This doesn’t take away from the fact that he could easily convert whether he needed to score, or if he just needed to get an assist, making him a versatile playmaker.

Paul Pierce (Golden Years) (OVR 97)

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Team: Boston Celtics

Height: 6’7”

3-Pt Attribute: 95 Outside Scoring

Position: Small Forward


Card Tier: Pink Diamond

Paul Pierce is still competing in the NBA today with the Los Angeles Clippers. But, if you are able to pick up this card, which places him at his peak during the years with the Boston Celtics, this powerful player will be able to ramp up the double digits, peaking around 20 points per game. The only drawback is his slightly below average defensive statistics.

Other notable 3-point shooters

Name OVR Position Height 3-PT Attribute
Dirk Nowitzki94PF7’0”96
Jason Terry90PG6’2”95
Chris Paul94PG6’0”95
Kyle Korver90SG6’7”95
Lou Williams89SG6’1”95
Nick Van Exel90PG6’1”94
Tim Hardaway94PG6’6”94
Paul Pierce94SF6’7”94
Kyrie Irving90PG6’3”94
Chris Webber97PF6’10”94

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