NBA 2K21 removes and apologizes for offensive image

NBA 2K21 is gearing up for Season 8: Trial of Champions in MyTEAM, but are apologizing after a teaser graphic for the new season included offensive imagery.

We've got all the details on what they shared, why there was an issue with it, and the apology that's since been released by NBA 2K21.

NBA 2K21 posts offensive imagery in MyTEAM teaser

NBA 2K21 shared a teaser image yesterday hyping up Season 8: Trial of Champions in MyTEAM, which is a something they've done each time a new season in the game was about to begin.

However, they faced immediate backlash once gamers spotted offensive imagery in the graphic shared on the NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Twitter.

NBA 2K21 apology apologizes tweet offensive imagery myteam Season 8 Trial of Champions
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THE ORIGINAL: The now deleted tweet can be seen here with the full image

The original tweet, which has now been deleted, can be seen above, and the far left upper symbol is the one being scrutinized.

Below, you can see a tweet by one user pointing out the issue, as well as a look at the original "Black Sun" symbol, which was used by the Nazis, and the Wikipedia entry on it.

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM imagery season 8 trial of champions
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SIDE BY SIDE: You can see the image shared here next to the "Black Sun" symbol

An article from the Anti-Defamation League also identifies the symbol as one used by Nazis, and further explains that it was originally an ancient European symbol that was later appropriated "in their attempt to invent an idealized "Aryan/Norse" heritage."

NBA 2K21 apologizes and changes Season 8: Trial of Champions graphics

After backlash started to roll in on Twitter, NBA 2K21 swiftly took action and removed the image before issuing a public apology.

It doesn't appear there was any malicious intent from the developers at NBA 2K21, but just a mistake made when working on the graphics for this upcoming content release.

They've also now released a new graphic revealing Season 8: Trial of Champions officially, and it's completely removed the "Black Sun" symbol that was previously there.

NBA 2K21 accounts and developers haven't commented elsewhere on the issue, and appear to be ready to move on with Season 8: Trial of Champions now that it's been remedied.

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