NBA 2K21: Will there be empty arenas in the new basketball game?

COVID-19 has changed the look and feel of the NBA with empty arenas, cardboard cut outs in the seats, and being able to hear every sound on the court.

Will NBA 2K21 follow suit?

Empty Arenas

In the most recent NBA 2K21 current-gen gameplay trailer - there were a couple moments of a blacked out, silent arena. While this isn't exactly what we mean by empty arena, this gave a calm feeling that empty arenas do.

nba 2k21 empty arenas
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UNDER THE LIGHTS: The lights in the stadiums are still shining, but fans aren't in attendance during the NBA reset

If NBA 2K21 are aiming to give us the most authentic NBA experience today, an option to play in empty arenas might be very immersive additions to shake things up.

Jersey Nameplates

Another big change in the NBA reset is custom jersey nameplates saying things like "Vote", "Equality", and "Black Lives Matter".

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If 2K want to go a step further, including the custom nameplates currently on jerseys up and down the league would also be a nice touch to capture the NBA as it is today.

Release Date

NBA 2K21 is just around the corner, and today's gameplay trailer only serves to get us more excited for release day!

nba 2k21 release date
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COMING SOON: NBA 2K21's release date is fast approaching

The game will come out on current-gen consoles on 4 September.

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