NBA 2K21 releases new Floor General Rewind Packs

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM is rolling along with Season 7: Full Throttle, and has dropped more new rewind packs that are teeming with super powerful players.

The packs are only out for a little bit, so here’s some quick information about the newest Floor General Rewind Packs released in NBA 2K21.

Floor General Rewind Packs live in MyTeam

NBA 2K21 has released multiple new packs and players for Season 7: Full Throttle in the last couple weeks.

These Floor General Rewind Packs spotlight over 20 different players. Every player in these packs are from the post and are known to command the floor.

Since floor generals improve their teammates' offensive attributes, these new packs and players will elevate everyone on your Ultimate Team.

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant sizing up Jaylen Brown in NBA 2K21.
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FLOOR GENERAL: Kobe is one of the players available in the Floor General Rewind Packs

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM announced on Twitter what players could be available in these new Floor General Rewind Packs.

DM Jason Williams, GO Šarūnas Marčiulionis, PD Alvan Adams, Diamond Andre Iguodala are all new cards in the Floor General Rewind Packs. The new packs also include DM Kobe, Magic Johnson, Derrick Rose, and Grant Hill.

These Floor General Rewind Packs are only available for a limited time. Fans need to pick up the packs within 48 hours or they'll miss out.

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Floor General Rewind Packs Player Reviews

The best player in the new Floor General Rewind Packs just might be white chocolate himself: Jason Williams. This DM version of Jason Williams has a whooping 99 overall rating.

James Harden doing dribble moves in NBA 2K21.
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THE RECENT PAST: It's worth wondering if a Rockets version of James Harden could appear in these new packs

DM Williams should be able to set up dimes for his teammates with ease. He has 99 ball handle, 99 passing accuracy, 99 passing vision, and 99 passing IQ. He’s also equipped with 51 Hall of Fame badges: 10 for finishing, 16 for playmaking, 15 for shooting, and 10 for defense.

The next most impressive player has to be GO Šarūnas Marčiulionis at a 98 overall rating. GO Marčiulionis is an all around stud and doesn’t really have a weakness.

In GO Marčiulionis’ entire player profile, he only has 10 attributes that are below 85. He also has 98 offensive consistency, 98 hands, 98 stamina, 95 3pt shot, and 95 driving layup.

You can still claim NBA 2K21 for free on the Epic Games Store, click here and find out how before time runs out.

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