Point Guard MJ drops in new Out of Position 3 Packs

NBA 2K21 is always keeping things fresh in MyTEAM, and the latest new drop is the Out of Position 3 Packs featuring Point Guard Michael Jordan.

We've got all the details on each new player available in MyTEAM through these packs so you can make the best squad in NBA 2K21.

Point Guard MJ joins NBA 2K21 MyTEAM

NBA 2K21 is in full Season 8: Trial of Champions mode for MyTEAM, and that includes continued new content drops.

The latest addition comes as the third Out of Position Packs are revealed, and this time the list of new cards is truly top notch.

Leading the charge is two 99 OVR Invincible Dark Matter cards, which are PG/SG Michael Jordan and PG/C Magic Johnson.

While the release didn't say exactly how long the new cards would be available in these packs, most new packs of this kind expire after one week, meaning this one could be gone by Friday, June 18, 2021.

All Out of Position 3 Pack Players

While the spotlight is definitely on Magic and MJ, they were only one part of the release that included a dozen new players.

These additions range from 96 OVR rated Pink Diamond cards and up to the 99 OVR rated Invincible Dark Matter cards.

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Out of Position 3 Packs Point Guard MJ DM Invincible Dark MAtter
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OUT OF POSITION: Get these legends all over the court

It's not clear if there are other previously released players available to pull in these new Out of Position 3 Packs, but the following new players can be found:

  • Invincible DM Michael Jordan, 99 OVR PG/SG, Chicago Bulls
  • Invincible DM Magic Johnson, 99 OVR PG/C, Los Angeles Lakers
  • DM Andrei Kirilenko, 99 OVR SG/PG, Utah Jazz
  • DM Lamar Odom, 99 OVR PG/SF, Los Angeles Clippers
  • DM Danny Granger, 99 OVR C/PF, Indiana Pacers
  • GO Yi Jianlian, 98 OVR SG/SF, Brooklyn Nets
  • GO Chandler Parsons, 98 OVR C/PG, Dallas Mavericks
  • GO Cliff Robinson, 98 OVR SG/C, Portland Trail Blazers
  • GO Wes Unseld, 98 OVR PG/SG, Washington Wizards
  • PD Deni Avdija, 96 OVR SG/PG, Washington Wizards
  • PD Manute Bol, 96 OVR SG/SF, Golden State Warriors
  • PD Obi Toppin, 96 OVR SG/PG, New York Knicks

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