NBA 2K21 drops tiny update as focus shifts to 2K22

Even as excitement starts to build for NBA 2K22, Patch Update Version 1.011 has dropped for next gen versions of NBA 2K21 with very little in the patch notes.

Here's everything we know about Version 1.011, including patch notes, and what it could mean about the shift towards NBA 2K22.

NBA 2K21 Version 1.011 - Next Gen Update & Patch Notes

NBA 2K21 has now launched Next-Gen Patch Update 9, or Version 1.011 for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, which should be available now on both consoles.

We don't yet have a full Courtside Report from 2K with detailed Patch Notes, but Version 1.010 also didn't have a Courtside Report and was similar in size to this patch.

NBA 2K21 Version 1.011 Update Patch Notes Next Gen PS5 Xbox Series X|S
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THE LITTLE THINGS: This update has just a few minor fixes

The following patch notes for update Version 1.011 were released on Twitter:

  • WNBA court floors and dornas have been updated for the new season
  • Rookieville has been modified to allow for easier entry into The City for new players and a 1v1 court with a CPU opponent will now be available to ensure there is always an opponent
  • AI generated players will now have appropriate heights, by position, when playing games in The Rec

With some of this update being specific to The City, and the whole thing being relatively small to begin with, it may not release for current gen any time soon.

Download size is currently unknown for PS5, but we do know that the update is just 846mb on Xbox Series X|S.

Development has likely shifted towards NBA 2K22

While this small update for NBA 2K21 doesn't mean much for players still enjoying that title, it could be a big sign of what's to come for NBA 2K22.

As of now, NBA 2K22 is expected to launch in early September, and that means 2K Sports and Visual Concepts have less than three months to get the title ready for release.

NBA 2K21 Version 1.011 Update Patch Notes Next Gen PS5 Xbox Series X|S
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LOOK AHEAD: We're not that far off from NBA 2K22

The tweaks made in this update look like ones 2K has likely had on the backburner and only just now decided to address, potentially because they're changes they have planned for NBA 2K22.

The development team is likely to be all hands on deck for NBA 2K22 at this point, leaving little left for NBA 2K21 other than small changes they'd not quite gotten to yet.

At this point, any major potential changes for NBA 2K21 are all but guaranteed to be saved as changes or new features in NBA 2K22.

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