NBA 2K22 could be ready to make an impact at E3 2021

E3 2021 will be a major event in the gaming industry, and one potential title looking at a big day this year is NBA 2K22.

The Take-Two Interactive and 2K Games franchise will likely make another step forward this year, and we've got details on how to watch E3 2021 yourself and when news could break.

Take-Two and 2K Games at E3 2021

While E3 2021 will be a vast event with multiple studios taking the spotlight at different times, Take-Two Interactive is expected to have their own showcase.

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TAKE TWO: The studio should see a major showcase this year

While an exact time has not yet been revealed, we know that Take-Two is currently scheduled for June 14, 2021 and could make some major reveals that day.

Recent leaks indicated several things in the from Take-Two including NBA 2K22, a Borderlands spin-off, and a few games that look similar to Fallout or XCOM.

NBA 2K22 could be revealed at E3

Among the leaked Take-Two information were details about NBA 2K22 and who might eventually be chosen as the game's cover athlete.

You can find more information about that here, and check out our full list of Cover Star contenders here.

While any of that news has the potential to be confirmed or revealed at E3 2021, this is still only speculation as we've traditionally not seen a major presence from 2K Sports at the event.

How to Watch E3 2021 Live

E3 2021 is schedule to take place between June 12 and June 15 with multiple showcases and events on each of those days.

With the ongoing impact of the global pandemic still being felt, E3 2021 will once again be a digital only event with fans able to watch live streams throughout the weekend.

NBA 2K22 E3 2021 Take-Two Take Two Interactive 2K Games
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WATCH LIVE: You'll be able to see the reveals unfold in real time

Coverage will be available through all major social media outlets including Facebook Gaming, YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, Steam, and TikTok, as well as streams likely to land on official channels of each individual studio with a showcase.

You can find more details here on other ways to watch E3 2021 and the weekend's full schedule of events.

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