NBA 2K22 MyCAREER: How to complete the Extra Badge Loadout quest

NBA 2K22 players are grinding out quests each day to earn more rewards in hopes to get to Level 40 by the end of Season 1 Call to Ball.

Some of the best and most rewarding quests come by way of MyCAREER and The City for next gen players. One of these quests is given by ATM and will earn you an extra Badge loadout for your MyPLAYER as well as some MVP points.

Here's how to complete the Extra Badge Loadout quest with ease in NBA 2K22.

Locating ATM and the Extra Badge Loadout quest

Finding ATM and activating the quest could be trouble for some, the first thing you'll want to do is find the Extra Badge Loadout quest under Quests in the pause menu.

Once activated, you can place a waypoint on the map by pressing triangle (PS4 / PS5) or Y (Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S). Another way to find ATM is heading directly to Club 2K in The City.

Club 2K in NBA 2K22 The City
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FINDING ATM: You can find ATM outside of Club 2K in The City

After finding ATM, he'll tell you he's got something for you and from there you'll begin the quest.

How to Complete the Extra Badge Loadout quest

This quest isn't a very complicated one, however, it's rather time-consuming. For starters, you'll have to play 20 games with a Badge Loadout. For some, this is easy if they have a team online.

If you don't have a team, this could become a long quest as most games in The City are to 21 and are usually 3 on 3.

The City quest Extra Badge Loadout quest in NBA 2K22
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20 GAMES: If you play 20 games in The City, you'll earn an extra Badge Loadout

You'll notice that not only will you receive an extra Badge Loadout, but +1,000 MVP Points as well.

There are a few sure-fire ways to complete this quest without using the glitch.

  • Play pick-up games throughout The City or The Old Gym.
  • Play Pro Am games as long as you have a team.
  • Play open run games at Brickley's Gym.

For those looking to skip straight to the rewards, there's a way you can complete this quest without playing a single game.

The Extra Badge Loadout quest glitch in NBA 2K22

This exploit has the potential to be fixed in the future, but we can confirm it worked as of September 21st. The first thing you'll do is head to the Black Lives Matter court in The City.

Make sure that the court is empty, it usually is because of the location. From there, you'll have to follow these instructions to register actual games, although you won't play a single one.

The Black Lives Matter court in NBA 2K22
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HIT THE COURT: Make sure the court is empty before starting the exploit

Here's how to complete the Extra Badge Loadout quest in NBA 2K22 without playing any games.

  • Track the Extra Loadout Badge quest and have it active.
  • Wait until the court is empty and stand in the "Got Next" area.
  • Once on the court, toggle between the 1st and 2nd Badge Loadouts.
  • Take some shots, wait about thirty seconds, then exit the court.

If you do this the quest will register a game, but be sure to be active on the court, run around, take some shots and toggle the Badge Loadout for the best results.

Extra Badge Loadout Quest Rewards

For completing this quest, regardless of how you do it, you'll get some good rewards. An extra Badge Loadout is huge for players looking to have some variety to choose from before games.

The MVP Points will help you get even closer to achieving that penthouse apartment in MyCAREER and becoming MVP of The City.

The City Extra Badge Loadout Quest in NBA 2K22
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QUEST COMPLETE: Get some great rewards for completing this quest in NBA 2K22

Here are the rewards for the Extra Badge Loadout quest:

  • Extra Badge Loadout
  • 1,000 MVP Points

For more on how to level up in MyCAREER, follow this link!

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