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NBA 2K24 is one of the most anticipated sports games of 2023. With its release inching closer and closer, the hype around the game continues to grow. Many new features have already been announced, which heavily contributed to the fans' excitement.

The MyTEAM game mode is a fan favourite and will see some changes in this edition. A new mode is expected to be introduced, and other modes will receive small tweaks. This will improve the player's gaming experience, and provide users with new and exciting ways of entertainment.

So, let's find out everything about the MyTEAM game mode in NBA 2K24.

Latest - Season 1 announced

NBA 2K24 has announced Season 1, a program which gives fans the chance to earn plenty of rewards. Despite the changes to the Season system, which now includes two premium Season Passes, there are still many free rewards users can earn.

NBA 2K24 Season 1 LVL 40 Reward Kyrie Irving.
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Here is the Season 1 LVL 40 reward Kyrie Irving card!

Season 1 goes live on 8 September, and players will be able to start progressing in the reward ladder as soon as they enter the game. We still don't know all of the Season 1 rewards, but some have been revealed.

We know that the LVL 1 reward is a 90 OVR Free Agent LeBron James card. As for the LVL 40 reward, players will earn a 94 OVR Diamond Kyrie Irving. The Season 1 Ultimate reward has also been revealed, with players being able to earn a 94 OVR Diamond Brandon Roy.

NBA 2K24 release date

The release date of NBA 2K24 is inching closer and closer. In the last couple of weeks, 2K revealed the cover athlete and announced if the crossplay feature would finally be added.

NBA 2K24 Cover
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However, that's not all. We already know everything about all the NBA 2K24 editions and their pre-order rewards. We also got to know if NBA 2K24 will be on Xbox Game Pass and the impact that can have.

NBA 2K24 hype is at an all-time high, and we expect it to reach new levels once the official trailer is released.



As mentioned above, MyTEAM is one of the most popular game modes in the game. It allows players to create their dream team, and compete against other users.

Throughout the year, new cards are introduced into the game mode, helping player upgrade their squads. Users can create a squad with superstars of the past and present. So, if you want to see how playing with Lebron James and Bill Russell in the same team feels, this is the perfect mode for you.

MyTEAM has plenty of game modes inside it, with some being multiplayer and others single-player focused. All of them offer users a unique playing experience. They also help players earn great rewards, such as packs, tokens, player cards, and more. These rewards can be used to upgrade your starting lineup, or the badges of players included in it.

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Credit: 2K Newsroom
MyTEAM allows you to create your dream team!

For most players, the goal of MyTEAM is to build the best squad possible and reach the top of the competitive leaderboard. However, some users prefer to play mainly offline mode. These players focus on a more casual and relaxing experience, instead of a competitive one.

The past editions of NBA 2K didn't introduce any major changes to MyTEAM. This is also true for NBA 2K24 to a certain extent. The majority of modes stayed the same, but NBA 2K24 will introduce an exciting new game mode.

Without further ado, let's see all the modes that are coming to MyTEAM.

MyTEAM game modes

There are a total of eight game modes coming to NBA 2K24. Seven of them were already featured in past editions, and the NBA 2K community is already very familiar with them. So, let's start with the brand-new game mode.

Salary cap mode

Fans discovered the existence of this mode by going through the NBA 2K24 info in the PlayStation Store. There, 2K announces that "an all-new salary cap mode" is going to be introduced. So far, that's all we officially know about the game mode.

NBA 2K24 WNBA edition
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NBA 2K24 also has a special WNBA edition!

However, it's expected the mode will only allow players to use cards of a certain OVR, or tier. This way, players are all on equal footing, and you eliminate the massive quality disparity in players' squads. After all, no one likes to go against a full Dark Matter lineup with their Diamond squad.

Triple Threat

Triple Threat is one of the oldest and most popular game modes in MyTEAM. It's a 3v3 game mode, where users select three players from their squad and play against an opponent or the CPU. The first team to score 21 points wins.

This game mode allows players to earn many rewards, such as shoe cards, packs, MT, and more. We don't expect Triple Threat to undergo any major change in NBA 2K24.


Unlimited is the most competitive game mode inside MyTEAM. It's here that you can face the best NBA 2K players in the world, and show your skills.

In Unlimited players face off in a classic 5v5 game, using their active lineup. Every win gives you points, while every loss takes them away. The more wins you are capable of achieving, the higher your place in the leaderboard will be.

This game mode also has incredible rewards you can earn. From packs to exclusive players, Unlimited will help you massively improve your squad.

Clutch Time

The Clutch Time game mode has some similarities with Unlimited. Both are a 5v5 game mode, but Clutch Time has some particular rules. It has one quarter, which lasts five minutes, overtime is sudden death, the shot clock is 14 seconds, there is a four-point line, and teams only have two timeouts.

NBA 2K23 Clutch Time
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You can play the mode both online and offline. In both cases, you can win a plethora of rewards, that will certainly help you upgrade your team or specific player.


The Limited game mode forces players to follow a specific set of lineup rules that change each week. This means players can't just use their strongest lineup. Instead, players need to make a lineup that meets the Limited lineup requirements.

Then, users play in a 5v5 game, with each win giving them a chance to earn a championship ring. If players manage to earn one ring each week, for six straight weeks, they will gain an incredible choice pack. With every win, players also have a chance to open the MyTEAM vault and earn plenty of rewards.

It's a very entertaining game mode, which forces players to use cards they would otherwise never use.


This game mode allows you two draft two players from each position and from the latest promo pack to build your team. Then, you play in a classic 5v5 game.

After each win, you will be taken to the "draft-ascension board". There, you can earn plenty of rewards, such as tokens, MT, and packs. However, what players really aim for, is to reach the top of the ascension board, and claim the featured special card.


Just like the name indicates, this game mode gives players plenty of challenges to complete. Every challenge is unique and offers a different reward.

NBA 2K23 Challenges
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Credit: Hard Drive

Inside the Challenges game mode, there are multiple types of challenges. We have spotlight challenges, pick-up challenges, signature challenges, and weekly challenges.

The spotlight challenges are groups of missions that players need to complete. Upon doing so, they will receive many rewards. Signature challenges change every season, while weekly challenges change every week.


Domination is the most popular single-player mode in MyTEAM. In this mode, players use their active lineup to play a classic 5v5 game against the CPU. With every win, players can earn MT, tokens, player cards, and many other rewards.

NBA 2K24 gameplay trailer

2K has finally released the NBA 2K24 gameplay trailer. The trailer showcased all the new gameplay features that were introduced, and it also explained how these features will impact the gameplay.

NBA 2K24 gameplay footage
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Many of the gameplay features were revamped, such as shooting, dunking, and dribbling, with strength and width being tuned. Defense and offense also underwent some changes, with the game becoming more skill-based on both sides.

2K also released more information on the ProPLAY technology. This feature will have a huge impact on the gameplay, making it feel much more authentic and realistic

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